10 companies, 1 day – what happened?

You know how sometimes you go on a course or workshop and you know it has a real impact.

For me there has been 2 of these, they were both back in 2015 and have a massive impact on me, my choices and my business even now.  BradCamp by Brad Burton and The Networking Retreat run by Stefan Thomas, thank you both so much.

Why am I sharing this now? Well I’ve just found this write up I did back in 2015 on BradCamp and the impact that day had with me and 10 other people in the room, I wanted to share it to inspire you.

BradCamp & The Networking Retreat changed my world

BradCamp & The Networking Retreat changed my world

2015 15th January

A Mancunian who runs his business wearing Tshirts & Jeans, called Brad Burton (http://www.4networking.biz/Members/Details/12966) who I know, like & trust announced tickets for his 1 day workshop named “BradCamp” would be released at 9am on January 16th.
I really wanted to go on this, why? Well he had been trading over 9 years, I’d not yet completed 1, he shares his knowledge freely and helps masses of businesses in just a 10minute phone call. He’s written 3 books (just google him) all of which I’ve read and all of them helped me. I wanted to pick his brains.
PROBLEM – I was on a course 2 hours away from 9am until 4pm so I thought I’d miss out on tickets. I sent him a message and upon receiving it he opened the tickets up early, just so I could get one. What a star.

2015 11th March

I made the 4.5 hour drive form Poynton, where I am based to Taunton after running a breakfast meeting in Macclesfield and then giving a 15 minute presentation at a lunch in Chester. Waiting for me in the bar were 3 other who were also going on BradCamp. We had arranged to meet for evening meal so we would at least know some others in the room. We chatted about our businesses, how we knew Brad and what we wanted to get out of the next day.
It seemed I wasn’t alone in being nervous/excited/scared/confused/having no idea as what the day would bring.

THE DAY – 2015 12th March

WOW POWERFUL STUFF. The day started as you expect any workshop to start with Tea/Coffee and chatting but then it all changed.

We got given these books and, like when you were back at school, told not to open them until told to. Then Brad told us to open at any page. The reaction around the room was stunned amazement, laughter and shock. Ladies and Gents, this book is so powerful it changed the lives and thinking of all 10 people on the course that day.
What Bradcamp did for me, personally, is it made me realise that first & foremost I am important, what is most important is health, happiness and to me family. It empowered me to realise that negative support is always going to come, but I can turn down the volume on it, so it’s still there but if I hear it, which I am not doing as much now, then I know it is because they are jealous or insecure or want me to fail, it isn’t a reflection on me. On a business level as I write this a week on from Bradcamp I have come away with new found fire, motivation, belief in myself and therefore my firm and with the everlasting support and friendship of all 10 businesses that were in the room.
I would recommend that ANYONE and I mean ANYONE whether in business, pondering their future, or just wanting to learn more about themselves get yourselves booked on a BradCamp today. They truly are inspirational, motivating, realise your true value, stop you wasting time and certainly you will as I and the other 9 attendees did will come away with so much information and plans to change for the better.

Unlike other workshops though, this support doesn’t stop. NO IT continues, the business I met there we talk on a daily basis if not more frequently, we still have bad days, non-productive days, but we share them. We support each other through them. We ask each other questions, we share when we have reached a milestone we set down, in other words I have another 10 businesses (including Brad) who are as invested helping my grow and achieve my goals as I am.

What more could you ask for out of having 10 companies in a room for 1 day? Thank you to all the businesses I met that day, waiting with baited breath for our allotment reunion.

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