14 things every invoice needs to include

Process makes getting paid easy

Invoice detail is critical – download 14 things every invoice should have on it.

As a self-starter, you have a wonderful idea for a business and whether you are just starting out or have been trading for a few years, there is 1 thing you need to get right to stay in business. That is getting paid.

I know you think maybe it’s boring, maybe it has to confrontational, you don’t like using the phone to ask for money, there is always a reason someone isn’t paying you.

What if you could get your invoicing right to stop these issues?

It really is easy, there are just 14 things every invoice needs to help you get paid on time without asking for money.

3 should be done pre-sale, 10 should be done on the day of sale or sign off and the final one should be done the day you raise the invoice.

Getting this invoicing process right will give you back

Don’t panic, I’m not going to leave you to figure out what the 14 things are!

I’ve put them all together in a handy check list you can download here.

If you like to find out how I can help you get back that time, have the funds to treat loved ones and have the courage to pick up the phone to any of your customers, then click this link and book a free 15 minute call with myself.

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