3 Valid reasons to avoid housework

So you are used to cooking, cleaning generally liking your home, if not spotless, then at least not dirty with the bins emptied, the recycling put out and the carpets hoovered.

However all this takes time, motivation and a desire for it to happen, but not everyone loves housework so if you do, I’d stop reading now!

So what is a valid reason to avoid housework?

  • Don’t be at home

If you aren’t there, you can’t do it. In business we quite often we are away for up to 4 evenings a week, even if you are physically able to get home after meetings, you aren’t there in the evening to do the housework, so don’t!

  • Running your own business

If you are running your own business you need to use your time productively, generally (unless you are a cleaner), housework won’t benefit you in terms of getting income. So why do it? Let your partner share the load!

  • Having a cleaner

Recently a friend of mine has just employed cleaners and she posted to say she “was cleaning so the cleaners didn’t think she lived in a pigsty”. I am sure that your home will not be the most untidy, unpleasant, smelliest, dirtiest abode a cleaner has been into. So don’t worry about what they think. If your time is more valuable with your clients, at networking opportunities or running your business why not pay someone to do your housework for you?

By receiving payment of your invoices on time, you get to reduce your stress over cash flow as well as potentially having the money to employ a cleaner, so if you want to learn how you can get invoices paid on time without having to discuss money giving you the option to employ a cleaner, then contact me, Rachael Chiverton.

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