You are the 5 people you spend the most time with – is it true?

This week I truly do believe that the 5 people you spend the most time with do influence your thoughts, your views, your actions and your beliefs.

Without the influence of people around me the Workshop wouldn't have happened.

Without the influence of people around me the Workshop wouldn’t have happened.

Here’s why:

Background – Positivity

I have spent a lot of time this week working on a presentation I was giving on Friday at The Business Networking Show on “5 Ways to get more business from your invoice.” It meant I haven’t been producing as many videos, or posting as many blogs as I normally do but the workshop went down a treat and I’ve received comments such as

We❤️Hospital RadioYour workshop and #TBNS2016 was awesome Rachel, full of great tips, thank you 😀

@RChivertonLtd Thanks Rachael, and thanks for the workshop, it was very useful”

However getting to the Workshop wasn’t plain sailing. Do I mean the preparation, the confidence to present, knowing what I was going to talk about, NO, that was all in the bag. I mean the journey to #TBNS2016 and Wolverhampton.

Join my VIP Clients to get access to information advice and my knowledge more quickly than anyone else

Join my VIP Clients to get access to information advice and my knowledge more quickly than anyone else

The Journey – Influence on my attitude

So driving to Wolverhampton, I set off at just after 3pm on Thursday to get there for between 5 & 5:30. I had planned to do a couple of hours work then meet up with people in the hotel bar for a catch up before the show. However at 4:50 when I was just 305miles away, the car started behaving oddly. I managed to crawl into Keele Services, got the manual out looked up the warning light then rang the AA.

In the past I would have cried, panicked, worried been all doom and gloom about I can’t get the workshop, I’m going to have to cancel, I’ve put in all this hard work for nothing etc etc.

On Thursday however, after texting the hubby, ringing the AA, updating facebook, my next call was to my parents. I asked them the likelyhood if it was needed of me being able to borrow my mum’s car for Thursday evening and Friday day.  Dad replied “70% likely need to check your mum’s diary”.

No tears of frustration, no calling people to cancel the workshop, just finding another solution so I can get down to Wolverhampton and give the workshop. What a mindset change.

The Support – Positive people

The support for my journey has been immense since I first announced I was presenting at #TBNS2016. I have to give a huge shout out to The Content Marketing Academy Membership Community who have twice heard the workshop, helped me change it, advised on bits that needed improving and what was great as it was.

Then when the car broke down on Thursday, the support I got from the 4Networking Community on facebook was fabulous.  They kept me entertained and stopped me from being bored whilst I waited for the AA. I have to say a big thank you to Jo Howarth and Jen Hinds.  I’ve known both for just under 3 years, however my over riding thought on Thursday after crawling along the M6 at about 20 miles an hour into Keele Services was

“I’ve arrived into the services safely. Nothing has hit me, I’m fine, the car isn’t damaged and I’ve found somewhere safe to wait. How lucky am I? This could be so much worse and it isn’t”.

I can tell you all now that the positive mindset is a lot down those 2 lovely ladies, so thank you Jo & Jen.

The Solution – There is always a way around it

So I was waiting for the AA and as well as all the support on facebook from 4N members, my phone rang and the fabulous Adam Redshaw the conversation went something like this:

“What’s your situation? ”

“Umm I’m at Keele waiting for the AA but looks like they’ve going to take me back to Macc”

“I’m at #TBNS Venue, once I’ve met the person helping on the stand I can drive to Macc, pick you up and bring you down tonight if it’s needed?”

“Adam you really are a star and thanks for the offer, but I may have my mum’s car for tomorrow, or if not I am sure I can get a train to Wolverhampton then find a way to the venue tomorrow.”

“OK the offer is there, if you don’t need a lift tonight, ring me from the station tomorrow and I’ll come and pick you up.”

How amazing is that? Adam was prepared to do a 3 hour round trip, just to make sure I could make #TBNS2016 and we could have a catch up!

So what happened?

I was towed all the way back to Ford in Macclesfield and then brought back to my house. My mum arrived about 30mins later with her car, I dropped her at home and carried onto Wolverhampton. I arrived at 9:20 pm, checked into the hotel and then went to the bar for some food.

Immediately I saw people I knew, everyone asked about the car, how I was and if I needed anything. The amount of support there was amazing and I want to thank everyone for their contribution to making Thursday evening so special (even if it did start much later than planned).


So I said after last week I believed you were a reflection of the 5 people you surround yourself the most with, but who are my 5?

Well my 5, not sure if this a bit of a cheat or not, are (in no specific order):

Support from my massive 4N Family

Support from my massive 4N Family

1 – The 4Networking Family (yes the whole community is a supportive family)

2 – Adam Redshaw – Always happy to go the extra (130miles) to help a friend, how amazing is that?

3 – Jen Hinds – Supporting my journey since setting up this business and taught me, there’s always a solution it depends on how you view the issue.

4 – Jo Howarth – Happiness really is a frame of mind and if you can find something happy in every situation then it never looks as bad.

5 – The Content Marketing Academy Membership Community – all of you helped this workshop happen, kept in touch with me when the car broke down and all of you are amazing people with something to add to me.

Without you lot Friday would have been a disaster, instead one of the nicest and most positive tweets I received yesterday was from Stefan Thomas who pointed out

@RChivertonLtd @HRMagazines the great thing is, you didn’t need your mates in the room to make up numbers 🙂 that’s brilliant”

It’s true I didn’t however without my mates the workshop may not have gone ahead. Thank you everyone.


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