How to put the right process in place to make getting paid easy.

Process makes getting paid easy

Process makes getting paid easy

Often I hear the comment, getting paid is really hard. It doesn’t have to be and here I explain why. Whether you are a team of 1 or have a team of 20 credit controllers, getting the right process makes getting paid easy.

Process makes getting paid easy

Getting paid is really easy when you have a process. There is no one process to fit everyone. We all have our preferred method of contacting people, our preferred method of payment and we all have our relationships with our clients.
If you put a process in place, work on it, adapt it, find the one that fits you and your style and then stick to it.
By putting a process in place and sticking to it, getting paid on time becomes really easy. It may take you a little while to get used to the process.
Here are the tips I give my clients:

1stTip 1
Invoice as soon as you’ve completed the work.


Tip 2
2 days after you’ve sent the invoice, pick up the phone, have a conversation with them. Make sure they are happy with your product or service.
Start a conversation, say:2nd
“I’ve sent you Invoice 75. Did you receive it or did the spam bot eat it?”
If you blame the spam bot, you’ll get an honest answer. If you say:
“I’ve emailed invoice 75, have you got it”
You’re being confrontational because it’s either your fault or their fault. Here, you’re saying it’s not your fault because you sent it.

3rdTip 3
During that conversation find out something that’s going on halfway through your payment terms. Make a note of it.
After that event pick the phone up again. Find out how that event went. Did little Johnny score that winning goal at football. Did they get manage to get the barbeque going, even if it was underneath an umbrella because it was raining at the weekend.
It doesn’t matter what the event is, or how big or small that event was. Make a note of it and interact about it. Then, during the conversation say to them:
“And when you told me about that barbeque you said you received Invoice 75. Are there any alterations I need to make on it or anything I need to explain?”
Again, you’re making it your fault.

If you take the blame people are more likely to tell you if there is a query. All you’re doing here really is identifying if there’s an issue that will stop payment of that invoice.
By getting a process in place similar to this, you become more confident in how you’re going to get paid. Your approach becomes more confident because you know what you’re going to be doing at each stage of the invoice.

Your confidence comes across in the way you present yourself. The better you present yourself, the more likely you are to get paid.

Your Turn:

Go away, review your process, see what works for you and stick with it. That way you can get paid easily.

Join my VIP Clients to get access to information advice and my knowledge more quickly than anyone else

Join my VIP Clients to get access to information advice and my knowledge more quickly than anyone else

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