I'm Rachael

I help businesses to get paid quicker. Simple as that. I’ve turned a long career in credit control into a service designed to improve your bottom line. My clients know me as the contracts lady and the cash flow Queen.

My Motivation

I get a kick out freeing my clients from the stress of wondering where the money’s coming from to cover their costs. And love it when they can focus on business growth because they get paid on time, or quicker.

My Passion

Formula One is my passion outside work. The excitement and atmosphere of an event combined with the noise and the speed is thrilling. Maybe that’s why putting speed into processes has become my business focus?

But I also like to relax and play the Viola and the AX1. And if you’re getting paid quicker then you can chill out occasionally and know your business is turning over just fine.

Don't know what a Theremin is? Here's a short clip of me playing mine in practice

and at a gig

The History

Rachael left school with no “A” levels. Had no idea what to do in life. Tried accountancy loved the maths, hated the isolation. Tried cold calling, loved the calling hated the selling. Can you combine maths & phone calls? Tried credit control LOVED IT.

Wanting to hone her skills, she studied outside of working hours, with the Chartered Institute of Credit Managers (CICM), putting in an average of 18hours study a week becoming a Member by examination in 2008 and getting the 2nd highest score in her year, in the UK, for her dissertation.

Rachael used the knowledge she learnt through the CICM course, along with experience gained as a SAP SuperUser, training teams on the new accountancy system, to become a corporate credit control trainer. She has written process manuals and trained credit control teams of 15+ people to become more proactive, using customer relationships, rather than threats, to get invoices paid.

Rachael was so good at being a Corporate Credit Control Trainer, that she trained herself into redundancy 4 times! After the 4th time, she realised that she could help so many more people and businesses by focusing on the smaller companies who don't have the budget or access to large and costly training get the processes and procedures correct so they can have the best cashflow possible.

Raised in Cheshire, where she still lives with her husband, Rachael enjoys gardening, playing her viola in an amateur orchestra and helping the community in which she lives. She's also passionate about Formula 1, Jean Michele Jarre and Family history research, Rachael makes time for anyone who needs a chat.

Carla Hutchinson said: Rachael is incredibly helpful and approachable no matter what level of the person your dealing with - your very human Rachael and you should shout that it's a rare thing

Got a question

If you have any enquiries about our services at Rachael Chiverton Ltd, please contact us on 07756 772950.