I want to buy from YOU – how 2 firms got it wrong.

You may be aware I moved into a new house recently and 2 of the things on my ToDo list are:

  1. Sort an outdoor tap so I can use a hosepipe to water the garden
  2. Organise the shed base being built so we can order the shed and get everything shed related out of the Electronic Guest Entertaining area.


These shouldn’t be hard to sort right?




Shed base firm don’t want us to buy from them.

We sourced the shed we wanted back in April and asked the firm we were buying from for a recommendation of who to use to build the base. They gave us a name and number on the day – simple pick up the phone and ring them!

So I did. It sounded like an international dial tone, so I hung up and sent them a text saying I would like to enquire about them sorting a base for my new shed and could they please ring me when they were back in the UK.


2 weeks later I’d heard nothing from them, so I called again, left a voice mail asking them to ring me.

Another 3 calls and 2 text messages later, we finally got to speak. They said, leave it with them and I’ve have a guideline quote texted to me within the day.  That conversation happened on July 6th, nearly a month ago.


Since then I’ve heard nothing!


Now onto the outdoor tap: why a plumber doesn’t want me to buy from them!


So I don’t think I’m alone in having trouble previously in finding a reliable plumber. So during discussions with my parent I mentioned we needed an outdoor tap.


Not a problem – they’d just been recommended a plumber who is reliable, affordable and comes when he says he will, so they’d forward me their phone number. BRILLIANT and EASY!


I received that email on June 20th and rang the next day. Got through first time – Excellent. Now I understand being a reliable plumber who does things when he says he will, he’ll be busy – I get that.

Due to holidays it would be a fortnight before he could come round – that’s fine end of June (ish). Could I ring him when I got back.


I called him as arranged and we agreed a date and time.


The day and time, came and went – NO PLUMBER! So I called him again, he was away and had got the dates wrong………


To cut along story short, he was supposed to call me last Friday to confirm what time tomorrow he is coming round. Guess what – No Phone call!



If someone is actually saying to you “I want to buy your stuff”, “I want to give you money”, I want to help your cash flow”, “I want to grow your business” etc etc


PLEASE do them the courtesy of replying to their calls / text messages, don’t leave it to them to chase you otherwise they will probably go to one of your competitors.


They are asking to give you money in return for your service, please make sure you follow up. For more information about following up, this applies to enquiries as well as networking, then here is an article by Stefan Thomas written just for you.


Until next time stay healthy, stay happy and remember Profit is Key but Cash Flow is King!






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