Why being nice to people pays… – Guest Blog

This weeks Guest Blog is written by Martin Byrne who is a master at being nice to people. Martin helps businesses to place life insurance and critical illness cover through your business and claim full corporation tax relief on the premiums, which may be preferable to paying for your personal life insurance out of your post-tax income.

As well as this he is  a member of my 4Networking team at Macclesfield 4Networking. He has helped many businesses grow through networking and when he moved to Cheshire, working as a Mortgage Adviser, the only advertising he did was Networking.


This week using his experience, he is helping you understand why being nice to people will help you keep your cash flow coming in smoothly. You can apply what he says to chasing payments as well as any other process in business.

Being nice is more productive

Being nice is more productive even if you think they are wrong!

Now Over to Martin

Why it pays to be nice to people..

Pouring into the bucket….

When I started working in financial services as a BDM for a mortgage packaging company, I quickly realised the importance of how you treat people and how you speak to people. We would go out and see Mortgage Brokers across the South East of England and get them to try our mortgage packaging service in the hope that it would make life easier for them and they would use it on a regular basis.

What often happened is you would pour leads into the top of the bucket and there was a hole in the bottom called poor service that half of them would fall straight out of again. A very frustrating role where you didn’t have that much influence over the service you were selling.

The MD used to say “Let them use your ears as dustbins” which loosely translated meant to me, our service isn’t very good, they will will shout at you, suck it up and keep pouring the leads into the top of the bucket.

Does being angry get your application processed?

The other side of the coin was the underwriters and admin team back at the office. They would have a stack of 20 mortgage applications on their desk they were processing.

On many an occasion I witnessed an angry broker ringing up to see where the case was up to, being put through to the admin person handling the case, the admin person holding the phone away from their ears as the broker shouted at them until the call end with a curt “yes, ok, will do, thanks, bye”

The phone goes down, the admin person says “arsehole” and puts his file to the bottom of the pile. Now whether the broker was right or wrong in the content of what they were saying is kind of beside the point.

The result they got was always the exact opposite of what they wanted to happen. They didn’t go to the top of the pile!

How being nice helps in business

I learnt from this, every time I needed one of my cases progressing I’d say to the broker “call me, I’ll speak to them” I would then either speak to them in person or over the phone and be doubly nice.

How was their day going? Massive workload? I know, I sympathise, it’s the same for me.

Really sorry to bother you but would it be at all possible to find out what I can do to help make your life easier and get this case through. It’s not being false, I really do like people. If I had a bumper month I’d buy them chocolates and champagne as a thank you. Guess who’s files got worked on first? People like people who like them.

They want to help people they like. They don’t want to help people they don’t like. It isn’t rocket science. If you want someone to do something for you, be nice to them, even if you think they are in the wrong.



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