Best place to go for a speaker contract template online (Reviews / Pricing)

You are wanting to appear more professional with your speaking enquiries. You’ve heard a contract will help you achieve that. But where should you go to get speaker contract template online and how much will an online speaker on contract template cost?

Here at “The Contracts Lady”, a question I’ve been asked many times is “where can I go for a speaker contract template online and how much will it cost me?”  I appreciate it can be confusing so I wanted to review 5 places a speaker can go to get a template contract online.

Price and where to go for a speaker contract template online

Price and where to go for a speaker contract template online

What are the benefits of buying your speaker contract template online?

Buying a speaker contract online should be relatively quick. You can have your contract as soon as it has been paid for and  downloaded, unless you go for the reviewed service by NetLawman in which case your contract will be with you within X days.


You have complete control over what information is put into the contract, which clauses you leave in or which you take out. You can personalise it to your hearts content.


Online template contracts are generally cheaper than bespoke written contracts tailored to you.


What are the problems of buying your speaker contract template online?

You need to be certain that the contract template you are downloading is written based on UK Legislation. If it isn’t and you amend it to reflect UK Legislation you may want to have it checked over by someone qualified to make sure what you have put is actually legally correct.


It is easy to tailor, however it is also easy to remove clauses that actually you need in there.
It may not have all the clauses you need, so you may end up spending time not just completing the blanks, but also adding extra clauses in and reworking the template.


How much will a speaking contract template cost if I purchase online?

Let’s address the elephant in the room, what is the cost of a speaker contract template? The honest answer to that is it depends.


You can get free speaker contract templates online from PrintableContracts, AnitaBrooks and SamplecontractsDocs. They are also all American, ideal is you are sure about your variance between  UK legislation and American legislation and also changing over the terminology so when you send it to UK events, it won’t look out of place.


NeilLawson have a two tier charging system, for £34.80 (including VAT) you can purchase their standard template. If you want a lawyer to review the template once you have filled out the blanks, then this cost rises to £244.80(Inc VAT).


ContractStore will charge you £46.80 (inc VAT) for their template to download and then you fill in the blanks.


Where to go if you want to find a speaking contract template online?

I’ve ranked these websites in order of preference, these are some of the places you can go to get Speaker contract templates and they are the pricing websites I have explained above;

  1.       Printable contracts allows you to download a standard contract or enter a few details to make it customised. It is aimed at the American market so you will need to change the $ to £ if using it in the UK.  It will also need amending to be covered by British Legislation.
  2.                     NetLawn offer you two options, a Speaker contract template only or a speaker contract template with legal review. Their templates include more detail than It is aimed at the UK market so references correct legislation.
  3.                 ContractStore provides a speaker agreement contract template for you to download. They say these are written to be given to the client prior to an actual agreement being signed. They are written as if you are a limited company so if you’re not they will need to be amended. It is aimed at the UK market so references correct legislation.
  4.                                         Anita Brooks provides a basic contract with blanks for you to complete. It is another American contract so you will need to change some of the wording to make it relevant to the UK. Anita doesn’t appear to provide an easily downloadable version.                                     SampleContracsDocs provides you with a Speaker Agreement Model based on the university or Princeton agreement, a sample speaker contract, which at the time of writing takes you to the website for “American Association of Critical care nurses”, a university of Wisconsin Public Speaking Contract and a University of Texas speaker agreement. All of these will have to be amended to be covered by British Legislation.

In Summary

The contract you end up with from your speaker contract template  is what you will be sending to your clients. It has to reflect you, you have to be confident you can answer any question that arises about why a clause is in there and it has to make you look more professional.


Online Speaker contract templates seem to be mainly provided from companies and or universities based in the US so make sure you either get one written for UK Law or that you convert it to reflect UK Law.


Buying your speaker contract template online may be a cheap way to obtain a speaker contract, but in the long run will it save you money when you consider potentially how many changes / alterations you may need to make?


Whilst there are some good sites out there if you are at all unsure about amending a speaker contract, have a list of clause you want included which aren’t covered in the template or want to be certain is covered by UK law, then you should consider getting a bespoke contract written.  Here at The Contracts Lady I would be happy to help you with that.

All the best with your future speaking gigs. I’d love to hear how you get on.

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