Can one new habit make your business grow?

We all have habits, whether we realise it or not. Some habits are good, like turning up on time, drinking plenty of water, getting a good night’s sleep, planning your day, making your sales calls, doing the accounts and invoicing routinely every day. There is a big crossover with your personal habits and your business habits and getting focused on the good habits will make your business grow.

In contrast, there are the bad habits. Too many chocolate biscuits, nose picking, nail biting, not following up on enquiries, ignoring customer feedback, putting off your admin. None of these are life threatening, but they are small things which can affect your business reputation and your personal health. When you are functioning at your best, your business will grow.

Habits - New habits can be formed easily

Habits – New habits can be formed easily

Many habits are formed by the time we go to school and others develop later in life. You might hear someone talking about starting a new habit, setting a new target or creating a new goal. But, if you follow up with that same person a few months later, the chances are they have stopped doing whatever it was they talked about so enthusiastically just a few weeks ago.

Small Goals for Big Changes

One of the top tips for creating a new habit is to make it a small goal. Choose something achievable and reward yourself when it happens. If your plan is to become more healthy, why not join a gym or a sports club, or create a new habit to walk around the neighbourhood at least once a day? Take the stairs rather than the lift and slowly, your new habit will become as imprinted in your mind as flushing the toilet or brushing your teeth.

Set a Reminder

If you’re starting something completely new, it can be helpful to set a reminder on your phone just before the task is due to take place. Even creating the reminder on your phone becomes a habit and this can greatly improve your chances of sticking to whatever it is you have decided to do. The reminder can be a plain beep. Or it can be a funky tune. It can even be a voice recording, in your voice or someone else’s, giving you a nudge to do your new habit.

Having your favourite celebrity demanding you empty the office bin at 6pm can be a great way to remember to do it. Likewise, the same voice can be scheduled to remind you to make your sales calls, or to book new appointments.

Be Accountable

Even if it all seems to be going well starting your new habit, the most important thing is to be accountable for your habit as this will make sure it’s not just a passing phase. You have chosen to introduce something new into your life. This in itself is a positive step, but if it is a good habit, you’ll want to continue to do it, long after you’ve forgotten why it was important or why you didn’t do it before.

I strongly recommend having an accountability buddy whenever you take on a new habit, set a new target or introduce a new goal to grow your business. It’s the demon on your shoulder nudging you to stick to what you said. You might want to brush it off, to tell it to go away, but if you are having trouble being accountable for sticking to your habit to help your business grow, then I would be happy to help.

To discuss any new habits, targets or goals you would like to achieve, please give me a call on 07756 772950 or email and we can chat about what you need to do to make it happen.

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