How can sending an Anniversary card can help get you paid?

Why does being the person who gets remembered for the right reasons means you get paid quicker?

Getting paid is all about building relationships. Getting to know your customers, being the thoughtful, caring person who people want to pay.

I bang on about picking up the phone but there are other ways to do this. in my VIP Groups I share a presentation I gave called 5 Ways to Get More Business From Your Invoice. In that, one of the things I talk about is turning your invoice LUMPY.

In the feedback from my presentation, one of the biggest things people take away is the LUMPY mail.

The most common question I get asked is:

“I email my invoice, so how can I turn it LUMPY?”

Don’t turn your invoice LUMPY if you email it.

Think outside the box.

Remember, people pay the people they like first so how can you be that person somebody likes?

The easiest way is to do something unexpected. Send a Thank You card, or a Birthday card. If you hear they’re unwell, send them a Get-Well card.

People support people that remember them. There’s so many days and systems out there to help you find and track this information. Then, you can make sure you’re remembered for the right reasons and not the person who picks up the phone, all shouty at them and who says “YOU HAVEN’T PAID MY INVOICE. WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO PAY ME, I NEED THIS PAYING NOW!”

Be remembered as the person who cares. People pay people they know like and trust.

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