I can’t get everything finished! 3 Top Tips to combat that feeling and complete everything.

Sound familiar? Are you struggling to complete everything? Have you not got enough hours in the day? Then don’t worry, you are not alone. Recently my clients told me this was the biggest problem in business. So I asked Sian to write a guest blog all about getting everything done. Here is her blog three tips, based on Lean principles, to help you get the IMPORTANT stuff finished!

Here are three tips to help you get EVERYTHING finished!!

Sian Rowsell

Sian Rowsell, coach and facilitator

Actually, I lied – see number 1!

  1. Forget trying to do everything!

We are not (despite what we might like to think or how we wear our underwear…) superhuman!

What are the most important things to do?

Where do you add most value in your business?

What are the things that your customers do (or would) pay for?

When you have a list of these plus ‘necessary but non-value adding tasks’ (such as sending out invoices, submitting your accounts to HMRC…), decide which need to be done by you and which can be delegated

Hopefully you’ve now got a more manageable list of important things that you are going to try to get finished.

2. Whip the WIP!

To be more efficient, reduce your amount of ‘work-in-progress’ i.e. finish the task you’re on before starting the next one… The more ‘work-in-progress’ (WIP) you have at any one time, the longer each task will take – think about the last time you were on the M6 near Birmingham at rush hour…

In order to get tasks ‘out the door’, let’s look at what we mean by ‘finished’…

3. Perfect is the enemy of done!

Le mieux est l’ennemi du bien. (The perfect is the enemy of the good.) Voltaire

We can get hung up on trying to achieve perfection.

When my son was first learning to write, he was scared to put the pencil on the page in case he made a mistake…bless him!

Even if we manage to write our blog/article/newsletter/proposal/email/whatever… we may get stuck at the final stages, checking it’s OK, tweaking bits here and there, leaving for another day (or two) before we submit/publish etc…

Having a load of almost-but-not-quite finished tasks (on top of those we’re putting off and have not yet started!) can slow us down and stress us to the point of overwhelm.

While I’m not advocating shoddy work, there comes a point where something is probably ‘good enough’, fit-for-purpose. Beyond this point, we may be ‘gold-plating’, we may not be adding value.

If we can identify when things are good enough (eg when they meet customer expectations), consider that task completed and then move on to the next, we will reduce our work-in-progress, speed up our throughput and get more of the important stuff finished…

About the Author

Sian Rowsell is an effective coach and facilitator, helping people enjoy a more fulfilling life in and outside of work. She offers individual coaching on a one-to-one basis and runs confidential business development groups for women business owners. For more information, please email sian@sianrowsell.co.uk or visit www.sianrowsell.co.uk

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