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Worrying about cash flow becomes a burden. It’s stressful being concerned about paying your own bills. You can’t concentrate on building your business and giving your customers a great experience.

If you ask me to help you with your processes, I’ll make sure your cash flow accelerates. Let’s speed it up together. I’ll help you become confident enough to get paid up front and save time chasing invoices.

No longer a burden but a relief.

How Do I Know You Can Help Me?

Sian Rowsell said

I’m thankful that it’s in place and all monies have been paid upfront so there will be no wasting time/energy chasing payment, also it stops the money side interfering with the coaching relationship – now the coachee and myself can concentrate on their goals – this is of enormous value.

Here is the difference before working with Rachael It would have taken me 9 months, 7 invoices, anything up to 7 hours to collect £150 per invoice.

Rachael wrote a new contract for me which means I received £1000 up front, free up time for me to do more value-adding activities – business development, repay an outstanding director loan so I could buy secondary school uniforms, school shoes, PE kits including trainers, football boots etc needed for my 2 children for September.

This change in her process for 1 contract saved Sian £2,592.23 on 1 contract for 6 contracts a year.  That is a saving of over £15,000. How much you could save in a year?

What is the Cashflow College?

Led by Rachael, The Cashflow Queen, the Cashflow College is your access to Rachael’s over 20 years’ experience in getting paid on time, the processes and procedures you need in place to help this happen and the techniques needed to empower you to do this every time you raise an invoice.

It’s just £18 per month including VAT.

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What’s do I get for £18 per month?

1 – Peace of mind that you are using the right techniques to get paid on time.

2 – Security in knowing what to do if someone hasn’t paid you.

3 – Scripts to follow to ensure you are having the right conversations at the right time.

4 – Time lines so you know you are making the right calls at the right time.

5 – Guidance as a small business to know you are following the correct laws

and much much more….

Access to PRIVATE Facebook group

Lifetime Access to the Private Facebook Group whilst you are a member. The group gives you insights, resources and access to other businesses and credit control advisors.

All content is themed for the month, with 3 pieces of content per week, exclusive access to Rachael and  a weekly email so you don’t miss out if you don’t get the notifications from Facebook, or you aren’t on Facebook.

Monthly Mastermind Zoom Webinar/Q&A session

I’ll discuss a hot topic and answer your questions. Webinars are so easy to watch and listen to these days.They are online seminars which build a deeper foundational experience. Recording will be availble afterwards if you can’t make them live or want to rewatch to make sure you have all the information noted.

Zoom is accessible across all platforms, Windows, Apple and Linux.

If you would like the peace of mind that the members are already getting, it’s simple, sign up now

Sara from JCM Business Solutions said

“Rachel was very engaging and really made me sit up and listen.
What she said made so much sense and with just a few small changes, we have strengthened our invoicing process and tightened up our contracts.
Most importantly, I pick up the phone! I speak to a person, not a purse!
Thank you Rachael!”

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