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Does your USP kick butt?

Your USP. Your Unique Selling Point. This is the reason why someone will choose your product or service above someone else’s product or service. This is the reason why someone wants to deal with you and your company. What makes you unique? Are you sure? Does your USP kick butt? Figuring out your USP should […]

How to identify what’s draining your time

As a business owner you have the same number of hours in the day as your staff, your suppliers and your family. So why does it feel like you’re always tired? There’s never enough time to do the things you want to do? Are you always up against deadlines? Are you able to focus on […]

What does a Business Performance Data Analysis do?

In a nutshell, business performance data analysis is getting your hands dirty digging into the data generated by your company and making sense of the numbers. Knowing your numbers, and not being scared by figures, can dramatically change and improve the way you operate your business on a day to day basis. There’s no shortage […]

Working from home: How do you stop feeling overwhelmed?

Feeling overwhelmed can be a real problem for virtual workers or “solo-preneurs” (as they like to call us in the US).The one-person businesses like virtual assistants, graphic designers, digital marketers and copywriters feel this more than most. So what can you do to combat it? I’m currently working with the lovely Ann Bach from Edge […]

Should I still be taking cheque payments?

Should I still be taking cheque payments? That’s a question I get asked a lot. To be honest, there isn’t a right or a wrong answer. My advice to anyone who’s considering stopping cheques or whether they still want to take cheques is to consider the following points: If someone sends you a cheque payment, […]

Should I use email or phone calls to chase my invoices efficiently?

What’s the most efficient way to get paid on time? People ask that question often and I think it depends on how you term efficiency. Is efficiency the amount of time you spend chasing invoices, the percentage of invoices that get paid on time, the quality of the relationship with your customer? Is efficiency the […]

A library of information at your finger tips

Well I was really surprised when I did a calculation and realised so far I have recorded 59 Videos on my YouTube Channel . This is a heck of a lot of information for all you to access for FREE. To save you having to go through each video, I’ve made this table up of […]

Cashflow is easy except when it’s not – Guest Blog

I know Phil though the content marketing academy and his advice has helped me hughely, so I personally want tot thank Phil and I hope you get a lot from this blog… I asked Phil to some background info, so here it is “Brief background: I’ve worked in the market research business for (gulp) 40 […]