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4 ways a contract helps you sleep: Part 1 – Cash flow

You are waking up at night due to your business and problems going round and round in your head. You’ve tried counting sheep, writing a list, but nothing seems to work.  So how do you get your cash flow in order and how can a contract help you achieve that? Let’s look at Why you […]

How often should you send emails chasing payments?

How often should you send emails chasing payments? This is a question I regularly get asked. Is it every day, every other day, once a week? In this article I look at how regularly you should send email to get maximum impact. How often should I send chasing emails? I regularly get asked that question […]

Why should you understand your customer payment cycle.

Why should you spend the time getting to understand their process? Afterall you raise the invoice so shouldn’t they meet your terms?  Understanding your customer’s payment flow is like turning up to a roundabout that you’ve never been to before. It’s got six lanes and all the road markings are worn out on each lane, […]

How can sending an Anniversary card can help get you paid?

Why does being the person who gets remembered for the right reasons means you get paid quicker? Getting paid is all about building relationships. Getting to know your customers, being the thoughtful, caring person who people want to pay. I bang on about picking up the phone but there are other ways to do this. […]

What is a reconciliation? Why is it important in getting paid?

What is a reconciliation and how do you complete one? Is it really hard to do? Why should I be reconciling my bank to my outstanding invoices? The most important thing about getting paid is knowing what is still outstanding. This is called reconciling. Reconciling is easy providing you have the records in place. It […]

Surveys are a great way to get your invoice opened.

I’ve posted previously about how important getting your invoices read is for getting you paid on time. Here we look at how surveys are a great way to get your invoices opened. What questions should you be including on the survey though, and why? Here we take a look at my suggestions of quick questions […]

How to put the right process in place to make getting paid easy.

Often I hear the comment, getting paid is really hard. It doesn’t have to be and here I explain why. Whether you are a team of 1 or have a team of 20 credit controllers, getting the right process makes getting paid easy. Process makes getting paid easy Getting paid is really easy when you […]

So you don’t get the importance of a contract?

Don’t worry you’re not alone. Lots of businesses start up without a contract. Here, I explain why you should start with and the importance of a contract. Why does it all start with your contract? Lots of times recently, people have been asking me about the importance of contracts. Why they need a contract, how […]

Is using early settlement discounts really right for your business?

I was recently asked about early settlement discounts and what my views on it are. Don’t get me wrong, offering an early settlement discount on your invoices does have its place but you also need to be very, careful. You need to ensure that if you offer an early settlement discount you understand the implications […]