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Interview with a Virtual Assistant

What’s it like to be a Virtual Assistant? Even the title seems quite mysterious.  Where do they work and what’s it like to be one? I decided to ask Karen, a VA in my network group. I know you’re virtual but do you have a real office? Yes, my office is a dedicated room in my home. […]

How can a Virtual Assistant say No without burning bridges?

There are a few reasons why a Virtual Assistant may need to turn down work, but when handled carefully, there’s positive outcome for everybody. You’ve run your new client checklist, had a first conversation with the client and you realise you’re going to have to turn down the work. How can you do that in […]

Networking doesn’t work, so, why do I keep going?

#4NetworkingDoesNotWork, I get nothing from it, it won’t work for me. You know I wax lyrical about 4N. However, it isn’t just me who gets anything out of 4N, here is an article by Sally Mahers (someone I’ve never met) but who sums up the power of 4N beautifully.…/an-open-letter-… I’ve put an extract from […]

Virtual Assistant who is new to networking? Read these 6 top tips

As a virtual assistant, your comfort zone is getting things done for other businesses. Quietly working behind the scene in your office or dining room with little company, apart from your pet and or children. So you have read 5 ways to go networking as virtual assistant which talked first about business networking, however, you’ve […]

Who is responsible for customer service?

Who is responsible for customer service? You know I’m passionate about making customer service central to your collections processes. So this week, instead of a guest blog, I wanted to share with you a video from a fabulous person called Alasdair McGill . Alasdair helps his clients create better organisations. Together. He has a fabulous […]

Why trust is so essential in business – Guest Blog

Building Trust forms relationships. Relationships build potential customer and potential referrers. Trust is the most critical element to any business. If you don’t trust someone, you won’t do business with them. So how can you use networking to build trust? Martin Byrne from Business Protect, has been to over 550 4Networking meetings, he’s received 46 […]