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Should I join a crowdsourcing website to get new clients?

Those of you who read my blog know how much I advocate networking. There’s nothing like it for meeting new people, connecting people with similar skills and finding individuals who can help each other. You’ll also know that nearly all of my customers came from networking referrals and introductions. But what if you are just […]

Beat the isolation: 5 ways for a Virtual Assistant to network

Does networking make you feel a bit out of your comfort zone? If it does, don’t think you are alone. I remember when I first starting networking – it was scary, it was not something I did before starting my company in February 2014. Since then, I’ve been to over 300 4Networking meetings plus countless […]

Working from home: 10 ways to stop feeling isolated and stay motivated

Feeling lonely and isolated can be a real problem for virtual workers or “solo-preneurs” (as they like to call us in the US).   The one-person businesses like virtual assistants, graphic designers, digital marketers and copywriters feel more pressure than most. Mainly because they charge by the hour so have a constant, nagging feeling that […]

How does a time reservation fee get you more business?

Including a time reservation fee in your contracts helps you get paid upfront, look more professional and improve how others view you. You often hear me referring to a Time Reservation Fee. This is something I recommend all my clients put into a contract. I’m really passionate about this and I know as a new […]

A library of information at your finger tips

Well I was really surprised when I did a calculation and realised so far I have recorded 59 Videos on my YouTube Channel . This is a heck of a lot of information for all you to access for FREE. To save you having to go through each video, I’ve made this table up of […]

What not to do when writing an ebook: 5 things to avoid

“What not to do when writing an Ebook” is one of my most requested presentations. It is a presentation I wrote whilst going round Tatton Flower Show in 2015 with my mum, having learnt at 10 am that the presenter for my meeting 6pm that evening wasn’t going to make it. I share with attendees […]

Who is responsible for customer service?

Who is responsible for customer service? You know I’m passionate about making customer service central to your collections processes. So this week, instead of a guest blog, I wanted to share with you a video from a fabulous person called Alasdair McGill . Alasdair helps his clients create better organisations. Together. He has a fabulous […]

Taking Back Control of your Business – 3 tactics for building your business, (without having to sign up for a course to find out what they are). Guest Blog

This weeks Guest blog is written by Roger Edwards. I know Roger through The Content Marketing Academy and he is a member of my accountability group. Roger helps businesses with their marketing strategy, content and social media: Making it Simple and Effective.  This week he is helping you by sharing 3 tactics you can use […]

Why trust is so essential in business – Guest Blog

Building Trust forms relationships. Relationships build potential customer and potential referrers. Trust is the most critical element to any business. If you don’t trust someone, you won’t do business with them. So how can you use networking to build trust? Martin Byrne from Business Protect, has been to over 550 4Networking meetings, he’s received 46 […]