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10 companies, 1 day – what happened?

You know how sometimes you go on a course or workshop and you know it has a real impact. For me there has been 2 of these, they were both back in 2015 and have a massive impact on me, my choices and my business even now.  BradCamp by Brad Burton and The Networking Retreat […]

Why every small business needs a CRM

As a small business owner myself, I can understand how hard it is to keep track of all your customer information and what youpromised to do when. Only this morning at 4Networking Cheadle, Delyth Evans was telling us how important it is to really know your customer. So this week I wanted to talk to […]

Interview with a Virtual Assistant

What’s it like to be a Virtual Assistant? Even the title seems quite mysterious.  Where do they work and what’s it like to be one? I decided to ask Karen, a VA in my network group. I know you’re virtual but do you have a real office? Yes, my office is a dedicated room in my home. […]

Networking doesn’t work, so, why do I keep going?

#4NetworkingDoesNotWork, I get nothing from it, it won’t work for me. You know I wax lyrical about 4N. However, it isn’t just me who gets anything out of 4N, here is an article by Sally Mahers (someone I’ve never met) but who sums up the power of 4N beautifully.…/an-open-letter-… I’ve put an extract from […]

Virtual Assistant who is new to networking? Read these 6 top tips

As a virtual assistant, your comfort zone is getting things done for other businesses. Quietly working behind the scene in your office or dining room with little company, apart from your pet and or children. So you have read 5 ways to go networking as virtual assistant which talked first about business networking, however, you’ve […]

Beat the isolation: 5 ways for a Virtual Assistant to network

Does networking make you feel a bit out of your comfort zone? If it does, don’t think you are alone. I remember when I first starting networking – it was scary, it was not something I did before starting my company in February 2014. Since then, I’ve been to over 300 4Networking meetings plus countless […]

Working from home: How do you stop feeling overwhelmed?

Feeling overwhelmed can be a real problem for virtual workers or “solo-preneurs” (as they like to call us in the US).The one-person businesses like virtual assistants, graphic designers, digital marketers and copywriters feel this more than most. So what can you do to combat it? I’m currently working with the lovely Ann Bach from Edge […]