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Who are my ideal customers, where are they and how do I find them?

Wouldn’t it be lovely if all your customers were “ideal”? Lots of business folk talk about the “ideal customer” and I imagine when you created your business plan, you had a picture of who yours could be. Who is an ideal customer? It will be different for all of us but there’s one thing which […]

How can sending an Anniversary card can help get you paid?

Why does being the person who gets remembered for the right reasons means you get paid quicker? Getting paid is all about building relationships. Getting to know your customers, being the thoughtful, caring person who people want to pay. I bang on about picking up the phone but there are other ways to do this. […]

Undervaluing yourself? How to set the right price

Are you undervaluing your service? How should you set the right price? One of the things I work on with my clients is looking at how much they should charge for their services. People often start off with the mind-set that their time is what they’re charging for. But what they’re charging for is the […]

Why proposals are involved in getting you paid.

A proposal sets out the expectations, the product or service you’re going to provide, what you need from the customer, when you need that customer to do and when you expect to get paid. What goes into a proposal? A proposal sets out the expectations, the product or service you’re going to provide, what you […]

I want to buy from YOU – how 2 firms got it wrong.

You may be aware I moved into a new house recently and 2 of the things on my ToDo list are: Sort an outdoor tap so I can use a hosepipe to water the garden Organise the shed base being built so we can order the shed and get everything shed related out of the […]

Managing cash flow in a seasonal business – Guest Blog

Once again Alison Wren from Paprika Marketing is sharing her experience with us. This time she is helping business owner with seasonal businesses to manage their cash flow.  Alison has a wealth of experience and I am honoured she is writing for my site as I know how useful her previous blog was for all […]

Terms of Business: DIY vs pay for bespoke terms

I’ve been asked this a lot this week. People who haven’t got their own terms, tell me they’ve take “a paragraph from here and a paragraph from there” to for their terms.  Is this sensible? First – if you don’t understand why need terms, please read this blog first. If you are still unsure about […]

Why being nice to people pays… – Guest Blog

This weeks Guest Blog is written by Martin Byrne who is a master at being nice to people. Martin helps businesses to place life insurance and critical illness cover through your business and claim full corporation tax relief on the premiums, which may be preferable to paying for your personal life insurance out of your […]