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10 companies, 1 day – what happened?

You know how sometimes you go on a course or workshop and you know it has a real impact. For me there has been 2 of these, they were both back in 2015 and have a massive impact on me, my choices and my business even now.  BradCamp by Brad Burton and The Networking Retreat […]

How long before a speaking engagement is it confirmed in your diary?

You’ve received a speaking enquiry. You’ve had a conversation with the event organiser. You’ve agreed the date, the audience, the fee, the travel expenses. Basically you’ve agreed everything, but at what point does it become a firm booking in your diary? The answer to that question is: It Depends It depends on you. It depends […]

You’ve confirmed a speaking gig but life got in the way, what happens?

It is a nightmare scenario, but as a professional speaker one you have to plan for. You’ve been contacted about an opportunity to speak, you’ve confirmed you are free on that date. You’ve raised and been paid the agreed fee. Everything looks rosy until BOOM you are seriously ill and you have to cancel your […]

Review your contract for every new product or service

When you’re a small business, reviewing or writing specific terms is probably not top of your to-do list, but I bet having a healthy cash flow is definitely a number one priority. If your business sells a range of products or services, your contract with your customer needs to be tailored to cover every eventuality […]

What should my speaker contract cancellation clause include?

You’ve decided you want to charge for your speaking and you’ve researched the correct contract template for yourself. Now you need to ensure it explains your requirements exactly. So what should your speaker contract cancellation clause include?   “The Contracts Lady” this is a question I’ve been asked many times is “what do I need […]

Best place to go for a speaker contract template online (Reviews / Pricing)

You are wanting to appear more professional with your speaking enquiries. You’ve heard a contract will help you achieve that. But where should you go to get speaker contract template online and how much will an online speaker on contract template cost? Here at “The Contracts Lady”, a question I’ve been asked many times is […]

How do speakers manage their speaking gig enquiries?

Managing the logistics of speaking is really important. I know from experience, keeping track of enquiries, bookings, accommodation and the logistics surrounding speaking gigs can be hard. So how do you keep track of everything? Not having processes in place to keep track of these means they zap your time, your energy and sometimes your […]

How does a time reservation fee get you more business?

Including a time reservation fee in your contracts helps you get paid upfront, look more professional and improve how others view you. You often hear me referring to a Time Reservation Fee. This is something I recommend all my clients put into a contract. I’m really passionate about this and I know as a new […]