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Interview with a Virtual Assistant

What’s it like to be a Virtual Assistant? Even the title seems quite mysterious.  Where do they work and what’s it like to be one? I decided to ask Karen, a VA in my network group. I know you’re virtual but do you have a real office? Yes, my office is a dedicated room in my home. […]

How can a Virtual Assistant say No without burning bridges?

There are a few reasons why a Virtual Assistant may need to turn down work, but when handled carefully, there’s positive outcome for everybody. You’ve run your new client checklist, had a first conversation with the client and you realise you’re going to have to turn down the work. How can you do that in […]

Accepting a new client – checklist for Virtual Assistants

You’ve been approached by your first client. Your initial reaction is to say “yes” to anything they request, whether that is 30 day credit terms, no payment up front, a job that’s outside your comfort zone, something you actually haven’t planned to do but you think you are capable of. How do I know that? […]

What should my speaker contract cancellation clause include?

You’ve decided you want to charge for your speaking and you’ve researched the correct contract template for yourself. Now you need to ensure it explains your requirements exactly. So what should your speaker contract cancellation clause include?   “The Contracts Lady” this is a question I’ve been asked many times is “what do I need […]

Contract Vs No Contract? What small businesses need to know.

Whether you are new in business or have been trading for sometime what are the benefits of having a contract over not having a contract? How can having a contract help you relax, enjoy your time, grow your business and help you sleep?   Why you need a contract So you may not think you […]

Read your customer’s terms carefully – it could save you months

Read customer terms carefully because you may be in for a surprise regarding when you can get paid. Very few people cannot amend their terms. You don’t need to wait 60 days Recently a client approached me because she was working with a big firm on a rush job for a Vice President. She said […]

Should I still be taking cheque payments?

Should I still be taking cheque payments? That’s a question I get asked a lot. To be honest, there isn’t a right or a wrong answer. My advice to anyone who’s considering stopping cheques or whether they still want to take cheques is to consider the following points: If someone sends you a cheque payment, […]