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What numbers should you know for your business?

It’s true that sooner or later everything in your business comes down to numbers. The number of staff you employ. The number of products or services you offer to customers. The number on the bills you have to pay and much more. This can be very overwhelming at times. I get asked lots of questions […]

Why go networking?- 15 reasons to go and not to go

There appears to be much confusion over why people go networking, even why I go to so much networking. So I wanted to address the reasons why I do go networking and why every business owner should go networking and also, in my view why you shouldn’t go networking. 5 reasons I run networking events? […]

Timeline and plans, why are they important in getting you paid?

Why you need a timeline and plan to get your invoices paid on time You send an invoice and expect to get paid. Sadly, it doesn’t’ always work out that way. Many small businesses suffer cashflow problems because they haven’t thought about a payment timeline and organising a plan of action to make sure they […]

Why should you use a script when making calls?

We’re too British! “I don’t like picking up the phone to ask for money even when that money is mine! “ That’s a statement I hear all the time. It’s worng but it’s been ingrained in us since childhood, you shouldn’t ask for things – apart from when you should! In this blog I am […]

Are there any male virtual assistants in the UK?

This week, I heard someone say, “being a virtual assistant is a predominantly female occupation”. I immediately picked up on the word “predominantly” because it indicates there must be some male VAs out there. Well, where are they? If you look at the Society of Virtual Assistants’ online directory, there’s not one male VA. Where […]

Interview with a Virtual Assistant

What’s it like to be a Virtual Assistant? Even the title seems quite mysterious.  Where do they work and what’s it like to be one? I decided to ask Karen, a VA in my network group. I know you’re virtual but do you have a real office? Yes, my office is a dedicated room in my home. […]