What changes does your contract need due to GDPR?

You are in the minority of businesses since you have a contract in place, well done give yourself a big TICK .

However have you amended your contract to include the changes you need for GDPR?

Your existing contract should already include a data protection clause, which is fabulous as you still need the fact you won’t share data with third parties, unless required to do so by law, in your contract but you also need to include some other information before May 24th to ensure your contract is GDPR compliant.

What is GDPR?

The following definition is from Persolvo, a company specialising in all aspects of GDPR

  • GDPR covers all processing (including storage) of Personal Data inside the EU.
  • Applies to all organisations in the EU, or offering goods and services inside the EU.
  • Provides 6 Principles which all processing must be conducted in accordance with.
  • Gives people (“data subjects”) 8 Rights and Freedoms, enshrined in law.
  • Improves the standards of transparency and accountability for dealing with personal data.

What does GDPR require you to include in your contract?

GDPR requires you to include

  • How long you will be holding customer data for
  • What data you will be holding
  • Why you will be holding that data

Where can you go for other information on GDPR?

The first place to go is the Information Commissioners website

Also take a look at their 12 steps to preparing for GDPR

The other place I would direct you to is Persolvo

If you require any help in amending your contract so it is GDPR compliant, then please book a free 15 minute call with me, so we can assess what needs to change to give you the confidence that by May 25th 2018, your contract will be GDPR compliant.




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