Consistent Cash Flow The Easy Way

For Small Business Owners

From Stressed to Steady Cash Flow in 9 Weeks

It can be easy to generate consistent cash flow in your business once you know the process, how to do it (yes there is a right and a wrong way) and how to get paid upfront before starting work.

In the last 3 years, I have taken my business from a pipe dream to reality, helped more than 70 companies change their process so their cash flow changed from being a burden to being a relief.

This was all done by applying my almost 20 years in Corporate Credit Control Divisions within amongst other employers The Co-Operative, Clarks Shoes and 4C Associates to my own business and then other small business owners who wanted to break free of giving 30 days credit and then still having to chase for payments.

What would have been quicker for me is if someone had been around to give me this process in 9 weeks, so my company could fly from the very start.
There is no-one offering such a comprehensive mentoring programme to Small Business Owners,  that will be able to walk you through proven methods to grow your business through your invoices, get you paid on time and remove your stress about Cash Flow.

Working together we will create a strategy specific to your business. There’s no one size fits all, your personalised strategy will depend on your industry, location and the relationship you have with your customers. I’ll guide you through creating a strategy that will enable YOU to determine when and how you get paid.

You will learn how to :
Identify where improvements can be made
Write the perfect contract for each customer
Get the confidence to get paid upfront
Implement the best process to save you time when chasing invoices

During this 1 to 1 programme you will be a VIP client!

We will talk on the phone and you’ll have unlimited access to me for feedback and to get all your questions answered via email during the 90 days as we put together, and work on, a plan to move your cash flow from  a status of stress to a place of calm.

You will be accountable for taking action so we make sure you get the most out of the 90 days and can duplicate the actions we will take once the course is over.

I need you to commit to doing the work and in turn, I will fully commit to making sure you get the help you need from me.

Book Your Call NOW

Book Your Call NOW

How Do I Know You Can Help Me?

Sian Rowsell said I’m thankful that it’s in place and all monies have been paid upfront so there will be no wasting time/energy chasing payment, also it stops the money side interfering with the coaching relationship – now the coachee and myself can concentrate on their goals – this is of enormous value.

Here is the difference before working with Rachael It would have taken me 9 months, 7 invoices, anything up to 7 hours to collect £150 per invoice.

Rachael wrote a new contract for me which means I received £1000 up front, free up time for me to do more value-adding activities – business development, repay an outstanding director loan so I could buy secondary school uniforms, school shoes, PE kits including trainers, football boots etc needed for my 2 children for September.”

This change in her process for 1 contract saved Sian £2,592.23 on 1 contract for 6 contracts a year that is a saving of over £15,000.  How much could you save in a year?

This isn’t just a programme where you sign up and teach yourself, we work together on this 1 to 1 as I guide you through everything you need to do to gain consistent cash flow through up front receipts.

We’ll make sure you have everything in place from the right contract for your business to the confidence you need to continue the new process after the  Weeks. Step by step … together.

And most importantly, we will have FUN doing this. Getting paid for your business shouldn’t be painful – it should be something that as a business owner you enjoy doing and makes you feel proud of your business.

What does the 9 WEEKS TO CONSISTENT CASH FLOW include?

Week 1 Working together we identify improvements and make a simple plan to put them in place.

Week 2 – We get you confident in making friendly pro-active calls. Having helpful enjoyable conversations without the need to ask for payment that result in getting paid WHICH can lead to more business!

Week 3 – Together we will collaborate on a new collections process that can be used by any of your team in order to get invoices paid earlier.

Week 4 to 8 – You take the new process and implement it for within their company, tracking the outcomes of the new process.

Weeks 4 to 8 – I am available to support and advise you when you or your team are having problems or doubts about implementing the new process.

Week 9 – We will review the gains your business has made in the last 8 weeks and I’ll answer any questions you may have.

In addition to the 9 weeks support you also receive the following FREE Bonuses


The total cost of the 9 week 1 to 1 course, including the free bonuses, is £1,950*

*Payment plan available – 50% deposit followed by 2 payments OR 10% discount for courses paid in full on Day 1.        

Ready to get started? Hit that Get In Touch button and let’s arrange a time for a chat so I can understand your dreams with regards to your cash flow and we can get to work putting your plan together to achieve them.330

Book you 30 minute free c all

Book you 30 minute free call

A bit undecided?

I get it…. It’s a lot of money to spend without talking to someone first and finding out if you like them and want to work with them.

I’d feel exactly the same way – so let’s chat! Let’s get to the bottom of where you are struggling and how I can help you.

Maybe this isn’t the right programme for you and I will tell you if I feel that is the case. It’s important to me that you start getting the results that you want when we work together – so if it’s not a good match then no hard feelings!

Book you 30 minute free c all

Book you 30 minute free call