Coaching Contract

As a Coach you think you should have a contract, but you can’t see it as an asset. This is an attitude I often come across with coaches, so I’d like share a case study with you:

Sian Rowsell said

I’m thankful that it’s in place and all monies have been paid upfront so there will be no wasting time/energy chasing payment, also it stops the money side interfering with the coaching relationship – now the coachee and myself can concentrate on their goals – this is of enormous value.

Here is the difference before working with Rachael It would have taken me 9 months, 7 invoices, anything up to 7 hours to collect £150 per invoice.

Rachael wrote a new contract for me which means I received £1000 up front, free up time for me to do more value-adding activities – business development, repay an outstanding director loan so I could buy secondary school uniforms, school shoes, PE kits including trainers, football boots etc needed for my 2 children for September.

This change in her process for 1 contract saved Sian £2,592.23 on 1 contract for 6 contracts a year.  That is a saving of over £15,000. How much you could save in a year?

Top 5 things you need to have you considered:

  1. What happens if you feel so threatened you need to end a session, should your client expect a refund?
  2. You have put the time in your diary, but you don’t think you can ask for money up front. Who has the risk that the time you have set aside might be wasted?
  3. What happens if you can’t make an agreed session? Can you reschedule or do you need to repay the customer?
  4. If you have been booked by a corporate manager and the employee shows up 30 mins late for an hour appointment, should the manager be able to demand some money back or transfer to another employee?
  5. How can you cancel a contract? How can a client cancel a contract?

How do I get my coaching contract professionally written?

1st stage is to book a 15 minute free call with me. That way you’ll know if I’m the right person to write your contract. If we decide I am, I take a payment  of £450 (payment plans are available, so don’t let cost stop you booking the call) and start the process.

2nd stage we get up to an hour call booked in, so I can go through all the questions I need you to answer so I make sure the contract is perfect for your business.

3rd stage you receive your contract in word format within 3 weeks to start sending to all those enquiries you receive.

Next step

Book your 15 minute call here, no cost, no obligation – and the perfect professional start to your coaching career.