Speaker Contract

Whether you are moving into the professional paid speaking arena, or you are already there and want to make sure your contract is correct for your needs, this is the page for you.



What does your contract need to include?

  1. How long before an event is the speaking event confirmed in your diary?
  2. Should you or the event organiser cover the cost of sundry expenses?
  3. Should you or the event organiser cover your travel costs?
  4. Whose responsibility is it to pay for support material?
  5. What happens if you have confirmed to speak at an event, then something happens and you can’t?
  6. Should food be served or plates cleared during your talk?
  7. Is it your right to substitute another speaker for yourself?
  8. What percentage of the fee agreed should be paid before you attend the event?
  9. How long before the event does the balance have to be paid?
  10. How do you want to be paid?
  11. Do you have final sign off for any marketing material, or does the organiser?
  12. Who has copyright and intellectual property over your talk?
  13. Who has the right to record your talk and share it?
  14. How much do you retain if the organiser cancels the event?

How do I get my speaker contract professionally written?

1st stage is to book a 15 minute free call with me. That way you’ll know if I’m the right person to write your contract. If we decide I am, you make one payment of £400 + VAT (I do have payment plan options, so don’t let cash flow stop you making booking the call)  and I start the process.

2nd stage we get up to an hour call booked in, so I can go through all the questions I need you to answer so I make sure the contract is perfect for your business.

3rd stage you receive your contract in word format within 3 weeks to start sending to all those inquiries you receive.

Next step

Book your 15 minute call here, no cost, no obligation – and the perfect professional start to your speaking career.