Web Page Designer Contract

So you love designing great websites. Your passion is giving clients their ideal online face. However have you covered yourself?

Top 5 things your contract needs to cover

  1. Your client sends you content, who is liable if it infringes copyright, intellectual property or if it is actually written by someone else who they’ve not accredited?
  2. How long do you wait for your client to send you information before you can close a project down and charge the client for your time?
  3. You are setting aside time in your diary to work on this project, has your client paid you for that time?
  4. Who has final responsibility for testing forms?
  5. If you need to purchase any plugins, are they included in the price or passed on?
webpage Deisner contract

Webpage Designer contract

How do I get my contract professionally written?

1st stage is to book a 15 minute free call with me. That way you’ll know if I’m the right person to write your contract. If we decide I am, I take a payment of £450 (payment plans are available, so don’t let cashflow prevent you booking the call)  and start the process.

2nd stage we get up to an hour call booked in, so I can go through all the questions I need you to answer so I make sure the contract is perfect for your business.

3rd stage you receive your contract in word format within 3 weeks to start sending to all those enquiries you receive.

Next step

Book your 15 minute call here, no cost, no obligation – and the perfect professional start to your web design career.