What Details Should I Include On My Invoices? 8 Top Tips

To make sure you get paid for the products and services you’re selling, it’s really important to have the correct details on your invoices. If anything on your invoice is wrong your customer may delay or withhold payment until it is fixed.

The Secret to getting paid is your invoices

The Secret to getting paid is your invoices

The second most important thing is to actually raise the invoice and send it to the customer! This can be by post or by email, but make sure it goes out, otherwise they’ll have another reason not to pay.

So, when creating your invoice, this is a checklist of the things you’ll need to include:

1 – Your company name, address (and logo), so they can see who the invoice is from.

2 – Their company name and address (tip – put their address in the top left corner so it can be seen when using windowed envelopes).

3 – A named contact at the company (if known).

4 – Your invoice number, the invoice date and the payment due date.

5 – The product code or service code for the item(s) they have purchased (check for accuracy).

6 – A friendly description of the product or service for easy reference.

7 – Pricing information per product or service, including Net Cost, VAT (and VAT rate), Total Cost

8 – Information on how to pay, e.g. by telephone or online payment, BACS, cheque or cash.

You may like to repeat the payment due date and your payment terms at the bottom of the invoice and also include a customer satisfaction form to get feedback.

I can create your invoice template so you can simply add customer details when you sell a product or service. I also offer a service to raise your invoices (providing you use an online accounting software) and get the invoices paid.

Please get in touch if I can help.

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