Do you need more time to get everything done?

We all have the same 24 hours each day and whether we choose to use these hours for sleeping, working, relaxing, socialising, eating, drinking, playing or learning, the fact remains that each and every one of us has exactly 24 hours every day. Nobody has a single second more. Nobody has a single second less.

Do you need more time to get everything done?

Do you need more time to get everything done?

So, why do some people race from one thing, to the next, to another, constantly chasing their tail and never catching up or completing anything? Why do they seem out of breath, rushed, stressed, irritated, never any time for friends, family, relaxing or recharging? Are they achieving everything they want, or are they in a vicious circle, never quite resurfacing to take in air before being plunged back into the next task, the next phone call, or the next appointment?

There are many people who can be heard to say, “there’s never enough time”, “I’ve run out of time”, “I’ve missed my deadline”, or “I don’t have time for that”. There are people caught up in the rat-race, or exhausting themselves on the working treadmill, people who are desperate for 5pm on Friday when it’s not even 10am on Monday.

Whether you work for yourself or for an employer you will have some flexibility to manage your resources and to be in some control of your workload. This could be choosing whether you make telephone calls, or send emails, whether you make a cup of tea, or plan your week. Simple changes to your routine can have significant impacts on your time management and how much time tasks take to complete.

You might find delegating repetitive actions or outsourcing tasks where appropriate can help free up some of your time. It won’t give you more than 24 hours in the day, but it will help you make better use of your time so you can achieve more of the things you want to do in those 24 hours. If you are feeling overwhelmed, blindsided or disorganised, don’t worry, these are all things which can be fixed.

Writing a “To Do” list

There is a lot to be said for planning ahead and writing a “to do” list every evening before you go to sleep. If you can clear your mind of the tasks you need to achieve tomorrow by writing them down, you should find you enjoy a better night’s sleep and in turn this will give you more energy the following day. When you wake up, you’ll save time as you can just check your list and get going on the tasks you need to achieve without spending “thinking time” wondering where to start.

Set a limit for time on social media

Unless your business is to help others with social media, it can be helpful to limit the time you spend surfing the web, checking Facebook, liking posts on LinkedIn, sharing photos on Instagram, Tweeting or online shopping.

The Internet is vast and full of distractions which can quite easily absorb all of our time. You might feel you’ve spent too long online if you fear turning off your devices in case you miss something important…like your best friend posting a photo of her dog’s new haircut.

Social media can be extremely addictive and setting an alarm to remind you to return to work after 5 minutes could help free up some time in your life for other things. How many times have you looked up from your phone to find half an hour has passed? What else could you have done with that time?

Identifying time patterns and making effective use of your time is something I can help with. Having a chat about your daily routines can reveal opportunities to save time in some areas and free up your time to do the things you want to do.

If you would like to find out more, please contact me by emailing or call me on 07756 772950 and I will be happy to help you find the time to do the things you really want to do.

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