Does your USP kick butt?

Your USP. Your Unique Selling Point. This is the reason why someone will choose your product or service above someone else’s product or service. This is the reason why someone wants to deal with you and your company. What makes you unique? Are you sure? Does your USP kick butt?

Figuring out your USP should be straightforward, shouldn’t it? You offer a great product. You have fabulous customer service. You win awards for what you do. The trouble is, so do many other companies. Let’s take a look at some of your selling points and you may find it helpful to write down some ideas along the way.

Does your USP kick butt?

Does your USP kick butt?

Tangible Things

It’s easy to talk about tangible things when selling a product or service. You can tell people about what they will receive in numerical terms, for example, if you have a car garage which promises to complete an MOT in 30 minutes then your customer will know what to expect and this may influence their decision to use your company. But is it unique? What if you offered a car wash with every MOT, or a free air freshener, or offer a discount if they buy a service from you as well?

Adding something extra is what makes your product or service unique and this is what you need to think about when creating your USP. Consider a florist who sells roses. This isn’t unique, however what if they could promise delivery by lunchtime on Mother’s Day. Or if they included a sachet of plant food to make the flowers last longer? Or a ribbon in the colour of your choice? These extra details are what separates this florist from the others.

Perhaps you can offer your customers a same-day service, or do you have a 7 day returns policy, or a 30 day guarantee? These are tangible things you can talk about and make your USP kick butt.

Emotional Triggers

After you’ve looked at the tangible reasons why someone might choose your product or service we can look at the emotional reasons why they want to use you and nobody else. It can be a challenge to break down the millions of reasons why someone makes a decision about what they purchase but you can position yourself as the “go to” person or company to help make it easier for them.

This is where you can explain how they will feel when they use your product or service. What pain can you relieve your customer from? How will your product or service make their life easier? How will it save them time? How will it save them money? What luxury are you offering them?

Going back to the example of the car garage, perhaps the USP is peace of mind, perhaps it’s having world-class mechanics, it’s selling the feeling of having a car that has been well taken care of. The florist can talk about the long-lasting scent of the flowers, the memories they invoke, the ethical or sustainable source of the flowers, perhaps these flowers are a celebrity favourite, or have won awards at the Chelsea Flower Show.

Remember, what appeals to one person may not appeal to another person. That’s why it’s important to identify your target audience. You can find out what problems they may have and then phrase your solution in the best way to appeal to them and show how you can deliver what they desire.

The Way Forward

I work with many companies and individuals to understand what they do best and create unique selling points that can be used online and offline, in person and by all members of your staff. I work with you to identify your target audience, to find out the reason why your customers use your products and services, then work with you to increase this number by finding new customers to target and introduce to your products and services.

If you need some help creating a butt kicking USP for your product, service, your company or even for yourself, please give me a call on 07756 772950, or send me an email ( and I’ll create something special for you to use to attract new customers in person and on your website and social media.

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