Who can you call today?

Do you make the most of every opportunity open to you?
I approached the FSB Northwest Regional Media Relations guy, Robert Downes with an idea for an article that I thought would interest the readers.

We had a chat over the phone and said the article that was of interest wasn’t the one I had in mind but another one. He came and had a chat to me, took a few photos and then I heard nothing more.

Next thing in the post I received my August/September Edition of “The Voice” the FSBs regional magazine which is sent to all members in Manchester and North Cheshire, imagine my surprise when on the front cover was, Me!

July/August Regional FSB Magazine

August/September Regional FSB Magazine

What I’ve learnt is if you don’t ask, you don’t get. What you approach people with may not be what they are after, however having a conversation might lead to other opportunities. If you haven’t read my free ebook “Invoicing Best Practice” then click here to download it from my website.

By having a chat, I discovered the FSB really did want me to achieve my goal, which is to help as many businesses as possible all over the UK get paid on time easily without asking for money.

Who can you have a chat with today? That chat could be the start of something really big, pick up the phone and call them.

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