Getting paid before Christmas – Day 10

Day 10 and by now you have spent 2 weeks working on getting your invoices paid before Christmas and if you’ve followed my guidelines, today we should see some results.

Days 2, 4, 6, 7 and 8 were all about calling up outstanding invoices, having a conversation about your Phonecustomer, their plans and the invoice as well as any other invoices they may have with you.

Yesterday we looked at any issues they raised as reasons for none payment and how to both resolve and communicate those resolutions.

Today is about the detail. Yes getting paid is about making calls, yes it’s about building relationships but don’t forget it’s focus is really getting the money you owed into your bank account.

If you have figured out which task we haven’t done this week yet, it’s reconciliation. That’s right, log onto green tickyour bank and see whose paid you. Mark those invoices off with a big green tick and then drop them a line, or call them and say “thank you”.

Today is 12 days since you first picked up the phone about invoices and these invoices if you’ve reading my daily blog and following through with the actions, then these invoices should have had 2 phone calls minimum.

Did you realise that? You’ve actually chased all your invoices raised pre-day 1 twice already! See when you make the calls about customer service and getting to know your customer, getting paid really can be quite simple.

Why am I so confident you will have some money in your bank and some invoices to tick off that’s because you will know who you were expecting to pay you, you will have found out which invoices had problems so may be slightly delayed, but you’ve resolved those, so go on….

Head over to your bank statement and take a luck, you may well be surprised at how many invoices have been paid.

I know you’re thinking this is a blog a day for 14 days and we’re already on day 10 and we’ve called all overdue invoices twice, what else can I be doing so in order that I’m getting paid before Christmas? There isn’t much time left.

I’ll let you into a secret, next week will be about proactive calling, getting your mind at rest that the Christmas Holidays won’t impact your new year cash flow and also maybe getting you another surprise win and an early payment. It does happen.

Have a fabulous weekend and I’ll post again on Monday.


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