Getting Paid Before Christmas – Day 11

So with 4 days left before Christmas is there really anything you can still do to help with getting paid before Christmas?
Invoice daily
You may now be feeling it is hopeless and you won’t be able to get any more payments in before Christmas, but don’t give up.

Today you may be able to get some more invoices paid, today we are looking at any invoice you have raised that are due within the next 5 days.

I tell all my clients any time of the year, to ring up these customers and ask them if there are any problems with the invoice? Is there anything stopping it from being paid on time? If so, please can they let you know, if there isn’t you look forward to receiving the payment on XX/XX.

At this time of year though, Christmas holiday and Bank holidays may be stopping you getting paid on the due date.  If the invoice you are calling about is due on December 24th or December 25th, then ask your customer will the payment be made on the 23rd (if they are working that day) or will it be made between Christmas and New year, or on the first working day in January.

I my view, although ideally it would be paid on the 23rd/24th, if they say the next payment run isn’t until January 4th, then be gracious get their confirmation your invoice will be included in that payment run, say thank you and have a chat about their Christmas shopping/Christmas plans.

Make a not on their file saying when the invoice will be paid, who you spoke to and what you talked about. Your invoice may be a few days late in begin paid, but you are now aware of the delay so can accommodate that in your cash flow forecast.

By not getting annoyed with them, or upset, or angry but by engaging with them and thanking them for being helpful, you are both more likely to get your invoice paid on the date they said they would pay it and also building up that relationship.

People are more likely to come off the phone and praise suppliers who are friendly, courteous and interested in them. People appreciate happy conversations, especially at this time of year and making a call about getting paid  can be a happy conversation, it just depends on how you approach them.

Have a brilliant Monday, enjoy making these calls and smile when you make them, it really does come over on the phone.

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