Getting paid before Christmas – Day 8

So Today I was going to write about calling up people 5+ days overdue but this week not only has this week been emotionally challenging, it’s also been pressured and stressful – YES I know it’s only Wednesday.

So if you want tips on calling people 5 day + overdue read my blog from yesterday, the same applies!
Today however I want to share about the importance of support, meeting people and growing that network.

I’m so lucky to have worked with some amazing people this year, I’m going to share below the people who’ve had the biggest impact, since I can’t share everyone, please don’t be offended if you aren’t tagged, it doesn’t mean you’ve not had an impact or that you haven’t helped me grow this year, it means your assistance recognition is likely to be at a later date!

So in no apparent order and none of the know I’m doing this:

Stefan Thomas, author of Business Networking for Dummies, organiser of “The Networking Retreat” and Mentor Superb.

I have been working with Stef since May on a mentoring agreement. We started focusing on Networking. Networking is so much more than the meetings, it’s the follow ups, it’s the social media, it’s your prescence in and out of the room! It’s how you use software (CRM, Accounting Systems, Linked In, Twitter, Facebook, Pericsope etc etc) if you want to hook up all of these things, get in contact with Stef. Without him I wouldn’t have made the progress I have this year. Thank you Stef.

Mentioning Social Media Prescence then I have to say Chris Marr has been truly amazing. He runs “The Content Marketing Academy“. We had interacted on social media following on from a periscope by Stef in which we both interacted and then we finally met at The Networking Retreat in October. The welcome was fabulous, we already knew each other. He gave an hour on Marketing your business and what I learnt has truly changed my focus, THANK YOU Chris.

Brad Burton, well what can I say? Thank you doesn’t seem enough. He brought me together with 12 other businesses back in March, for a day of “Bradding”. Yes it may sound like a cliche, yes it may sound egotistical, it is anything but I’ve known Brad really since I set up this business and I have to say he’s helped me develop massively. Today I went to BradCamp Manchester for lunch (as the last time it turned into an afternoon!) and I still get loads from it. Not just contacts, but also respect from others I’ve never met, sharing my story helping them to see that things can change, things aren’t set in stone and you can overcome everything. For all your support and dedication to helping me and many other grow, THANK YOU BRAD.

Through BradCamp mentioned above, I “met” Emma Roache. She went to different BradCamp down in rural south England somewhere then got added to the support group. Emma is a wonderful person who needed some help. Due to our interaction in this group Emma and I are in contact on if now a weekly then at minimum a fortnightly basis. She has grown and developed in the time I’ve known her, we have met in person once  I think, (correct me if I’m wrong Emma), but she has helped me massively focus and I have helped her grow and get clarity.  THANK YOU EMMA.

Clarity, now there is a word you don’t often hear banded around, why? Well what is clarity? Clarity to you may not be clarity for me, it may be focus and the final person I want to thank for helping me this year is Martin Byrne.

Martin is awesome at business insurance and getting your firm to pay for your cover, however he’s much more than that. He’s Mr Help, he’s Mr Ask Me A Question, if I don’t know someone else will, He’s Mr Tell Me What You Need To Grow and Let Me Find Someone……. He’s been an amazing friend/support/growth coach and tea drinking buddy. THANK YOU MARTIN

I realise a lot of the links in this post use 4N profiles, however I think it shows that Networking works. As I said earlier this is the tip of the iceberg for those who have helped me this year, who can you recognise as helping you?

So call your 5 days + overdue invoices (read yesterday’s blog here for call guidelines) and today I want you to think who you can thank for your amazing year.


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