Getting paid before Christmas – Day 9

Getting paid before Christmas isn’t just about calling but for money, it’s also about building stronger relationships with your customers, being there to give follow up advice and answer any questions they may have. Candle_on_Christmas_tree_3

Over the years I’ve been involved with Credit Control this is an area that most people seem to misunderstand.

So today we’re going to work on making your customers feel special, if any of your customers raised a query on an invoice you mentioned during your calls on Day 6 or 7, spend time today looking into the question that was asked.

We they correct and a problem has occurred?

If yes then raise them a credit note, send it to them today along with a note saying thank you for bringing it to  your attention and you’ll work on changing the process to try and prevent this same error happening again.  Then call them and explain the action you’ve taken and request if they don’t receive the credit note in a couple of days they give you a call.

If no then email them or call them, tell them why the problem they highlighted to you isn’t actually a problem.   Explain to them the process you used to make sure this issue didn’t arise, or send them the documentary proof to prove that what they are saying is incorrect.

By quickly responding to any issues raised, you will make your customer feel that they are Really Important to you, you value them, they will appreciate the fact you quickly investigated and resolved their issue and they will remember you as the helpful supportive supplier.

By resolving issues today and telling your customer what you have done, they are more likely to pay you.

I really hope my blogs are helping you to understand how you can still be getting paid by Christmas.

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