Getting paid before Christmas – Day 2 Top Tip

Today’s focus is on the question “It’s already December, I’m never going to get my invoices paid before Christmas, is there anything I can do ?

There is always something you can do to answer this question and the question
“Is there anything I can do to help my cashflow as companies shut down over Christmas ?”

Today is all about the follow up and how that can help in getting paid before Christmas. Anyone who goes networking will know the importance of following up, to explain why, here’s a great article by Stefan Thomas author of “Business networking for Dummies”.

In essence the follow up after sending an invoice is just as important. You sent your invoice to your customer so they know you want payment, but have they received it?

Unless you ask you won’t know. There is a simple way to do this, it’s called a telephone.They’ve been around for a while but less and less people are using them to have an actual conversation.

PhoneBy making this call you are building your relationship with your customer, you’re calling to make sure there are no questions about your product or service and you are enquiring about their Christmas plans.

Not only are you showing an interest in them, you may also learn about their office hours for Christmas and also their family plans. During this friendly conversation, it is easy to ask if they have received your invoice number XX.  Always quote the invoice number so you know you are talking about the same document.

To find out more on how to make Credit Control customer service, read this article I published on Linked In.

So today I want you to call any invoice that you sent more than 3 days ago.
Important note – this is a customer service, relationship building call, not a demand for payment call, so focus on your customer and learn something new about the person.

How long this will take you will depend on how many invoices you have sent before December 5th (or 3 days ago if you are reading this later) that you haven’t already followed up on.

Allow time, make those calls, helping your in your goal of getting paid before Christmas and please do let me know how you get on.

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