Why go networking?- 15 reasons to go and not to go

There appears to be much confusion over why people go networking, even why I go to so much networking. So I wanted to address the reasons why I do go networking and why every business owner should go networking and also, in my view why you shouldn’t go networking.

Networking - the do's and the dont's

Networking – the do’s and the dont’s

5 reasons I run networking events?

I run networking events to :

  1. Every time I market my networking event I am raising awareness of myself and my business.
  2. Every time I run a meeting to time I am showing that if you chose to work with you I will deliver what I say I will deliver, when I say I will deliver it.
  3. Every time the team posts about the meeting they run, they tag me in which raises awareness of myself and my business.
  4. Everyone who attends a meeting I run is a potential customer or supplier to someone I know.
  5. Each meeting I run which runs to brand, format and time give me a boost as it is a success. When you run your own business sometimes success are limited and it is important, in my view, to to have a regular thing that you do which 80% of the time brings you a success. Give yourself something to celebrate.

I’m limiting this to 5 reasons as I don’t want to bore you with all the reasons.

5 reasons I attend networking events

  1. I work on my own, so going networking gets me out of my box and stops me feeling isolated.
  2. I go for personal and professional development to learn from others
  3. I go to start little conversations, as you never know where they can lead for myself, for my clients or for my contacts.
  4. My passion is helping people and I go to networking to help out where I can, whether that is helping people in the room, their contacts or my contacts, it doesn’t matter. As human being one of core needs is to care. Going networking shows I care.
  5. I go for support and advice, yes I have friends and family I can turn to however not many of them are self employed working from home with no colleagues, so they can’t really understand sometimes the issues I am facing whereas in all likely hood at a networking event there will be someone there who is either in the same position as me, or someone who has been there and got through it.

Again I limited this to 5 as there are so many, you wouldn’t get round to reading why not to networking!

5 reasons not to go networking

  1. Don’t go networking for the sake of going networking – always have an outcome aim for any meeting you attend.
  2. Don’t go networking with a view to making money – yes you may get a sale from a connection eventually, however don’t make sales your main driving force for attending
  3. Don’t go networking just because “it’s a large number” – believe me when I say I’ve had more meaningful conversations at networking events with 10 people than I have attending a networking event with 80 people, bigger meetings don’t mean better meetings.
  4. Don’t go networking to tell everyone to “buy my stuff” – people are there for their business, not yours, so engage with them, learn about them don’t sell at them.
  5. Don’t see networking as a way of making money or being an income (unless you are the owner or director of a networking company) – it is an asset, it is an investment, it is part of your marketing.

Again there are many more reasons not to go networking, but I feel these are the most common mis-understood reasons that people think as reasons why they should go networking.

Feel free to leave me a comment with regards to any other reasons you do or don’t go networking as well as ask me any questions you would like about how I’ve made networking work for myself and my business.

Below are a few comments I received from people I’m connected with on Facebook about why they do go networking:

Emma who is a coach “ To meet other business owners, learn about their business, grow awareness of mine, support, friendship, togetherness x

Sarah who runs a charity “To build my network. Unless I know who is out there and what they do, I can’t build my business or charity. Every single person who works on my team of freelancers are from networking whether that’s online or offline. I’ve never had to pay an agency to find great people who can deliver the work

Paul who runs an IT firm “ It is all about making a noise and being visible.

Dave who is a designer “ Ultimately I think it’s about the benefits for you/your business. There are a fair number of stages and routes to that point, so it’s not about being pushy, selfish or hard selling, but it’s about positioning yourself so you’re in the right place when the right time comes – relationships, profile, visibility etc. Sales is very much part of it for most people – I think people sometimes go out of their way to avoid admitting that – but collaborations and finding suppliers can be just as beneficial. The professional/personal development aspect is also hugely important.

Why would you say you go to networking events?


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  1. Paul

    I don’t go to most events which are sold as ‘networking’ because they mostly take place at awkward times (e.g. first thing in the morning) and in places which are a pain to get to on public transport such as a hotel just off the motorway.

    I do go to user groups and conferences though, which aren’t for the sole purpose of networking but I meet a lot of people through them.

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