How to identify what’s draining your time

As a business owner you have the same number of hours in the day as your staff, your suppliers and your family. So why does it feel like you’re always tired? There’s never enough time to do the things you want to do? Are you always up against deadlines? Are you able to focus on your business as much as you would like?

Now, ask yourself a serious question.

Could you benefit from outsourcing some of your business tasks?

This might be something as simple as having a telephone answering service, or someone manage your diary. It could be finding someone to run a marketing campaign to promote your product or service or collaborating with another company to enhance your business and theirs.

Maybe it’s time to think about an extra member of staff, either full-time, part-time, virtual or office-based. This may depend on your budget and the number and nature of tasks you can delegate.

15 minute time tracking focuses you on what you are spending time doing.

15 minute time tracking focuses you on what you are spending time doing.

Where do you start?

If you’re not sure how to begin outsourcing, the best place to start is to write down your processes and procedures. What happens when a client makes an enquiry about your product or service? What is the chain of events between their enquiry and the sale? Who is involved? What do they need to do?

I work with my clients and get them to fill in a 15 minute tracker sheet, so every 15 mins they note down what they’ve been working on. This highlights where they are spending time and what’s draining their time so they can identify what to prioritise, what to stop doing or outsource and what to delegate.

By doing this I’ve saved one of my clients £2,000 a month and more as well as meaning they get to convert even more potential clients, into paying clients.

What would completing a time tracker do for your business?

At the same time, you may notice areas which can be streamlined or improved to save money, or time, or both. Reviewing your processes and procedures regularly can often find hidden savings.

How to decide where to outsource

Finding someone trustworthy and competent to take on your business tasks can take time and research. You may choose to use a company to take on a part of your business process. Or, you may choose an individual, such as a Virtual Assistant, to do a few hours a week.

A popular task to outsource is accounting, either all of your accounts process, or breaking down the tasks and outsourcing different components. Having the invoicing and debt collection taken care of for you can free up lots of time. Having your sales lead generation and follow-up can be a great task to outsource, especially if this is something you don’t like doing yourself.

There are lots of companies and individuals who may be able to help you. Finding the right match is essential as you’re trusting your business processes to someone else. They are representing you in front of your clients and you need to be sure they are creating the right image and doing the task as well or better than you could do by yourself.

What can I add?

I help many companies identify time-drains and spot opportunities for improving your business processes. I work with you to find out which tasks have the best value in being outsourced compared with continuing to performing the tasks in-house.

If I have just described you or the dream of where you want to be, then contact me and let’s start getting your time back.


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