I’m so excited – I can’t believe the conversation I’ve just had

I am really excited that I can now offer my clients even more confidence that their i’s are dotted and their t’s are crossed. I can now help them protect their income so if anything happens which means they can no longer work, they can be confident that they will still get an income each month (after their chosen deferment period).

But what does that have to do with the conversation I’ve just had?

Writing Insurance offers more peace of mind

Writing Insurance offers more peace of mind

Well, as I was seeing a client out of a meeting, I bumped into a neighbour who is also self employed and we got talking about how business is going. I mentioned that I now write insure to protect people against loosing an income but also I can protect their property as I also write building and content insurance as well.

She said, I really must pop round for a brew then as my insurance company is really annoying me right now.

That got me thinking, who else can I help?

Who else do I know that isn’t happy with their Building & Content insurance firm?

Who else doesn’t realise you can insure your income, whether you are employed or self-employed it doesn’t matter.

What would happen if were unable to work due to illness, how would you cover the bills?

Could you give your husband/wife/partner, peace of mind and remove some stress, from them during your illness, by making sure you have the same portion of income coming in when you can’t work, which means they don’t have to worry about the bills and overtime?

If you haven’t considered these as an option, or you have but they haven’t been reviewed in over 12 months, then please feel free to get in contact with me. I’d love to see if I can help you.

We’d have a chat about what insurance it is that you need.

Then I’d ask you to complete some details about you so I can go away and do some research into your best options.

I’d then present that research to you and I’ll be absolutely honest, if you are already on the best product at the right cover for you, then I’ll tell you. I’m not in this to sell products you don’t need, I’m in this to help make sure your cash flow is as rosy as possible should something happen that may affect it.

Please have a think about what cover you have, you don’t have to use me, but do think about what there is out there on the market and how much relief you could get if the worst happened, you lost your income but you could still get the same amount each month.

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