3 Top Tips on how you can get engagement through emailed invoice.

One of the most common questions I get asked is “How can I get my customers to open my emailed invoices?”

Unopened emailed invoices is the silent killer in business and it’s great that you are finding ways to improve your open rate in your business, leading to faster payment of your invoices and therefore improved cashflow in your business.

We’ve worked with 100s of businesses and you’re certainly not alone when it comes toclose-up difference invoices and bills, document and paperwork struggling to get customer interaction when emailing invoices – it’s one of the key areas of weakness…..

If you apply these 3 things you will improve your invoice open rate immediately…

1 – Your Subject line
Most companies when they email invoices, put something like “Your invoice XXX is attached”.  A sensible approach if you want your customer to know exactly what you are sending them, however this as a subject line is likely to be either not opened, opened and then actioned later or make them realise you’re chasing payment so they think, “It’s OK,  I’ll read on the date it’s due.”

What should you do? You want them to feel included, to feel included and important. So why not go with something like “Your input is important to us” ?

This immediately gets people thinking, I wonder how I can help them. What input do they want. This is just one example can you think of any more share in the comments the subject lines you use to get your invoices opened.

2 – Body Text
If you just send a standard software template then they normally say something like

“Please see attached invoice.


Again although it tells the customer exactly what is attached, it isn’t getting them to engage or interact with you. Your aim with anything accounts should always be to build up your relationship with your customers.

So why not send them something like:

“Thank you for using {Your company name} as your provider of {the product or service you gave them}.

Our customers are the most important aspect of our business, so it would help us greatly to provide you with the products or service you want by completing our {short/Xxnumber of questions}  questionnaire.

The questionnaire url can be found on the attached invoice we would be really grateful if you took 3 minutes to complete the survey.”

3 – Contact method

Towards the end of your email add in

“Don’t forget you can also send us feedback via twittier/LinkedIn/Facebook or by responding to this email which has got your invoice attached.

If you have any questions on the invoice you can contact us by any of the above, or give us a call on {insert phone number}.

Once again thank you for continued support and for completing the short questionnaire which is shown on your invoice”.


  1. Sheryl

    Who is this suggestion aimed at? What size company? I agree with the relationship building part and would add that how you set up in person your payment expectations plays a big part in the open rate. And understanding how your clients prefer to communicate.

    Like the idea of varying the subject header

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