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This week I have another guest blog by Barney. In his last guest blog, Barney shared his thought on prioritising Credit Card Payments, this time he is focusing on relationships. So over to Barney

Barney Whistance - Guest American Blogger

Barney Whistance – Guest American Blogger

In the process of our lives, we all come across different types of relationships. All of them hold great values in our lives. But beyond those personal acquaintances, there are some relations that you need to establish in your professional life as well. These relations could be a relation between an employer and an employee, a customer with an organization, or even one business to another.

No matter how small or large the business is, you must have a healthy relationship with the organizations and the customers you are dealing with. You have to keep in mind a few simple steps that will help you in communicating and maintain a stable business among other business, your workers, and your customers.

  • Stay updated with the people your organization should care about. This does not, however, mean that you stalk them, but only means that you keep connected with your workers and other organizations that you work along with. This can also mean wishing them on the holidays. You must also remember to show support when someone in your organization or someone you do business with is going through a loss. Don’t just contact them only when you need something or need a project from one of their contacts.


  • Honesty is the best way to go. In order to maintain a healthy relationship, and even avoid embarrassments through leaked news of your losses and failures, it is better to come clean. Be sure to tell the concerned people why the project is being delayed or why something went wrong. Lying to your coworkers or business partners will lead them to doubt you in the future as well.
  • Contribute to the society. Always remember to give a little back. It may be that even your smallest efforts could lead to a bigger change in someone’s life. Maybe an employee of yours wants to study further, help them if you can. You may help them in getting a scholarship or maybe use your contacts to help them plan a student loan.


  • Have a personal touch. In his digital age, anyone can have a business meeting while they are on Skype with a prospective client. But if the clients are just in a nearby town, you should make the effort to meet the people in person. This way you will have a chance to meet the people and know them and their organization on a personal level. This will, in turn, be beneficial for you, as you will know them better and know what to do when you are doing a project for them.


All these efforts combined help make your business a strong and stable one. The little things that you would do will help you have a better relationship with everyone in your professional life. These business relationships will be the driving force for any organizations and will be your doors to even bigger opportunities.

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