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Well I was really surprised when I did a calculation and realised so far I have recorded 59 Videos on my YouTube Channel . This is a heck of a lot of information for all you to access for FREE. To save you having to go through each video, I’ve made this table up of the content I am with you viewing.

Imagine if this was filled with 59 videos!

Imagine if this was filled with 59 videos! That’s the free library so far on my YouTube Channel

Yes I know there isn’t 59 here as I need to re-record some of my earlier work.

If there is something you would like covering and it isn’t listed here, comment below and I’ll record it for you.

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Join my VIP Clients to get access to information advice and my knowledge more quickly than anyone else

Join my VIP Clients to get access to information advice and my knowledge more quickly than anyone else

Love 4N Networking
Cheers CMA Content Marketing
Guide to next video training Content Marketing
Why payment terms affect your cash flow Cashflow
DIY Terms: 6 things to watch out for Cashflow
Deciphering the quagmire of payment acronyms Invoice
When should I raise my invoice? Cashflow
Clarity on your invoice details Invoice
How do you get customers to engage with your invoice? Invoice
What is a statement and how can it help you get paid? Cashflow
When should I raise my Statements? Cashflow
Tell me about you Networking
How to get paid in 30 days Cashflow
Are terms on my website legally binding? Terms
What do you do when you’re striving for get up & go? Networking
What does your statement say about you? Cashflow
Cheque payment, should you still be taking them Cashflow
Can I update my existing terms? Terms
Should I use email or phone to chase my invoices? Credit Control
Customer delaying invoicing. How do you stop it? Cashflow
What subject line should you use when chasing invoices? Invoice
When is the best time of day to call to get paid Credit Control
How often should you send emails chasing payment? Credit Control
When is the right time to call about unpaid invoices? Credit Control
You’ve decided to use a debt collection agency, but who? Credit Control
Stop waiting to talk about getting paid Credit Control
Deciding to take a customer to court is never easy Court
What are the most important things to do to get paid on time? Credit Control
STOP – why is it the most important 4 letters in credit control? Credit Control
What is a debt collection agency?
How many types of customer are there? Credit Control
What are self billing invoices? Invoice
Why as a business do you offer credit? Cashflow
What do you get working with me? Sales
I don’t like having to make confrontational calls Credit Control
Who is the legal entity you are entering into business with? Terms
Why is running a credit check before entering into business important? Terms
Thank you and monitor, how these actions can help your relationship Credit Control
Getting paid without asking, it’s easy Credit Control
Stick to your terms, don’ be tempted to change Terms
Early settlement discounts – what you need to know Invoice
Enforcement of your terms, why you need self belief Terms
Am I too nice? Terms
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