It’s like a lunar networking day – But I don’t like networking, it isn’t for me – or is it?

It’s a lunar networking day today because a super moon, blue moon and lunar eclipse will be visible at the same time. It’s just like the moon has decided to go networking!

Sadly, you’ll only be able to see this rare treat if you’re in the USA.

I was walking my dog Missy the other day thinking about this and realised just because I can’t see the three moons happening, it doesn’t mean it isn’t.

Just like the moons


Wandering along with my dog, I thought about how many small business owners don’t prioritise getting out from behind their computer screen to meet other people. And just because you don’t get to meet other people, or don’t know them yet, it doesn’t mean they aren’t there.

There’s no need to be alone in business

When you start a business from home you thrive on your new sense of freedom and flexibility but working alone, putting in the hours and being shackled to a computer can lead to feeling lonely.

Building in regular activities like networking benefits you and your business, gets you back out into the world and away from your home office.

10 ways to stop feeling isolated and stay motivated

But I don’t like networking, it isn’t for me


I’ve heard a lot of reasons people say they don’t like networking. The main one being they’re too busy, sometimes they think it’s all about selling, or others think they’re going to get pounced on and sold to. Most of the time, it turns out they’ve had an uncomfortable networking experience and it’s put them off.

In my role as 4N Area Leader, I meet lots of people who are shy and nervous about networking and it’s the job of my wonderful team to make sure all members are welcomed, included and feeling comfortable.

If you go along to a 4networking event, you’ll find most friendly, unstuffy and welcoming people. They are small business people just like you who enjoy meeting others in a relaxed, fun and friendly business networking.

You won’t have to travel far to find a 4networking event because they are held regularly all over the country and you are guaranteed three one-to-one business appointments at every meeting you attend.

Meet for breakfast, lunch and dinner – or all three

We know how busy you are and sometimes you need to pick a time of day to suit you. With 4N meetings all over the UK, we look after early risers, people who like lunch and late owls. There, you are guaranteed to find a networking group to join whether it’s for breakfast 8-10am, lunch at 12noon-2pm, or evenings 6-8pm.

Make friends and learn something new

At every meeting there’s a 4sight slot – an informative, insight into an area of business or personal experience. It’s a fantastic way to get to know other people and a great conversation starter.

Your 4N support network is out there

And with membership you can connect with over 50,000 online. What could be better than that and if you don’t believe me here’s a great article How networking changed my life.

Meet Rachael Chiverton – 4N North West Area Leader

I’m 4N Area Leader for 3 Meetings, Macclesfield, Cheadle and Stockport. Networking is about caring, it’s sharing, it’s about support, it’s about community, it’s about family. It isn’t about sales, it’s about building trusted relationships, it’s about giving for free because we know if you support other people, build a community, build solid relationships, then you will build your business.

What happens at a 4Networking Meeting?

Welcome to 4Networking

What is the benefit of going to 4Networking?

More about the 31st January 2018 Triple Lunar Treat

The full moon on January 31st will combine three rare lunar events for the first time in 150 years. USA TODAY

Supermoon, blue moon and lunar eclipse all coming to a sky near you this week

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