Are there any male virtual assistants in the UK?

This week, I heard someone say, “being a virtual assistant is a predominantly female occupation”. I immediately picked up on the word “predominantly” because it indicates there must be some male VAs out there.

Well, where are they? If you look at the Society of Virtual Assistants’ online directory, there’s not one male VA.

Where are the UK male Virtual Assistants?

This thought that there must be some male VAs out there began to niggle, and I had to find out.

I say the UK because apparently, hiring a male Personal Assistant or VA is very common in Middle Eastern regions.

A bit of internet searching later and I came across a Facebook page: Men of the Virtual Assistant Industry, which says, “this page is a group for male Virtual Assistants. This is a place for networking, collaborating, and sharing experiences in a female-dominated industry”.

Great, I thought. At last, male VAs exist, and now I’ve found them. Sadly, the date of the latest post on the page was 2013. Hang on, what’s this? A link to their discussion forum so maybe I’ll find some there. Oops. Page not found.

But wait, here I see they’ve moved from Facebook over to Linked In and created a group just for male Virtual Assistants. Alas, only 13 invisible members. But I did find something out. The moderator and group owner are both based in the USA, so we have a start.

What I did find interesting was the VA specialism. Alex Spasic, the Group’s owner, is a VA and specialises in logistics and international trade. I wonder if the male VAs tend to specialise in traditionally male-oriented niches.

Do not Google “Male Secretary.”

No, don’t. I urge you not to.

On with my research and I came across a three- year old article from The Guardian titled “Jobless male graduates turn to secretarial work” which reported: “Recruitment consultants are seeing an ever-increasing number of men interested in PA or secretarial posts. “Out of the 1,000 candidates we’ve registered in the past 12 months, around 200 are male.”

So if in 2013, male virtual assistants were said to be on the increase why isn’t there any to be found?

I found a male Virtual Assistant

By pure chance, my own VA managed to track down a male virtual assistant, based in Brighton. His name is James and specialises in travel and events.

James set up in business after leaving his job in the travel industry, and as far as he knows, he’s the only male VA in the UK and says his maleness is definitely one of his unique selling points!

We don’t think James can be the only male VA in the UK. There must be others. Let me know.

Do you know any male VAs?

What do you think are the reasons male VAs don’t exist?


  1. Paul Sanders

    Hi my name is Paul and my wife and I started our virtual assistant business in 2016 called Admin Angels. I came across this article as I am a virtual assistant based in the UK and we are unable to located any others that do what we do.

    • rachael

      Hi Paul,

      You are the second male VA I have come across, how is business going for you & your wife?

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