Networking, Invoicing and England!

car2So yesterday I drove for 6 hours from my home in Cheshire to Lowestoft Travelodge in Suffolk so I could attend 4Networking Great Yarmouth Lunch today.

Whilst I was driving many things hit me:

Firstly networking, I put a lot of effort into Networking and I’ve written quite a lot on my views as to w4N genericwhether it works or it doesn’t. The thing that hit me driving yesterday is that I am now getting enquiries from people I’ve never met because people who have met me (only a couple of times) are remembering me and suggesting I might be the right person to call. It isn’t a quick win, it takes time and effort but believe me put that time and effort in and you will get the returns.

Invoicing – there is another whole blog to follow soon about getting payment from friends, however one of the questions asked to me this week was about an unpaid debt originating in 2012. However to help out the customer, they credited the invoice in 2012 as the custInvoiceomer was awaiting funding.
The supplier never received confirmation the funding had been received until earlier this year when they re-raised the invoice (2 years after the work was completed). Now they want to use the original invoice date in 2012 for calculating interest under the late payment of commercial debt (interest) act 1998, however the date on the outstanding invoice is this year.
Never credit an invoice if you want the chance to use that date. Leave the invoice as outstanding but agree with your customer that the invoice won’t be classed as overdue until after an agreed date – and I strongly don’t suggest waiting 2 years!


England – When you travel that distance you realise how diverse, how amazing and different our country is.Pennines
Up in Cheshire we have hills and I mean proper hills, I had to cross over them on little winding roads which have sheer drops either to valleys or reservoirs.
In Suffolk, it’s amazing how far you can see, quiet roads (a few lorries and tractors) but driving along,  I was amazed at the distance you can see in front of you.
Tractors, now uptractors in Cheshire, if you have 3 or 4 tractors in a queue on the road, they are generally travelling in convoy, so if one pulls off they all do to let the traffic pass them. What happened in Suffolk was when there was a convoy of tractors, one would pull over and the other 3 would carry on, then one would turn off and the other 2 would carry on.The lay-byes were big enough to take all of them, so why the difference in attitude?
My musing is that because round here it is so flat, it is a lot easier for traffic to overtake tractors (and tractors to over take tractors) that they don’t feel then need to pull over and let held up traffic through. Plus in Cheshire, tractors seem to be drawn to each other whereas down here the are independent.

Just like networking and invoicing, everyone is different, everyone is unique and how you get business or get paid will depend on you, your personality and how you’ve been brought up. However one thing is the same – the end goal – to win business and get paid for that business.


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    Definitely correct! I also believe that we started a business because we want to earn money – to have a successful business. That is why I also belive that we really have to get the money we deserve from our service. We should not wait for too long to get our invoices so that the business will have a good cashflow. Thanks for sharing this article.

  2. Jenna

    I agree with what you said. I think that it’s always depends on you on how you handle business and how you can get paid for your business. I think that it is necessary that we always got paid so that our business will grow. Thanks for sharing this article.

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    I strongly agree too. I think that every business owner wants to achieve success and I also think that it applies to all business owners out there. This article is really comprehensive and helpful. Thanks for sharing this article.

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    Yes, I totally agree with what you said. I think that it is really important that a business must get their payment from their clients in order to get cash for growing business. Thanks for sharing this article.

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