Should you or the event organiser cover the cost of sundry expenses?

When you get a request for a speaking gig, what is it that you focus on?

You focus on the date, the audience, the fee, the time it will take you to get there and back, how long you’ll be on stage all of those details, but do you think about the little things?



A lot of the time when your in fee negotiation, you need to consider everything you will be doing for the gig

  • Your research

  • Your preparation

  • Your practice

  • Your travel

  • Your accomodation

  • How long you are expected to be at the event

  • How long you will be speaking for

But don’t forget the little things

  • Who will pay for the meals whilst your there

  • If there is a speakers dinner, are you expected to contribute

  • If the event doesn’t include lunch for th delegates, does it for you?

  • Will they provide you with water for durign your speech, or are you expected to take your own?

All of these should be considered and your expectations included within your speaker contract.

A bespoke speaker contract written for you by myself, Rachael The Contract Lady, will cost just £400 +VAT.

Put simply that is real value for money, for your piece of mind, knowing all aspects of your wishes, will be covered.

How does it work?

1st step is to book a 15 minute call with me. If we don’t get along, I won’t be the right person to write your contract.

2nd stage once you’ve paid me, we get up to an hour call booked in, so I can go through all the questions I need you to answer so I make sure the contract is bespoke for your desires.

3rd stage you receive your contract in word format within 3 weeks to start sending to all those enquiries you receive.

Next step

Book you 15 minute call here.

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