Personal Pride

So I’ve been involved and following a really interesting discussion started by a good friend who mentors businesses, does amazing printing and is known as “Mr Introducer” Mr Eric Taylor over on the 4Networking forum.

The topic he posted was “Something for the weekend? Personal Pride… a muse for discussion.” Now initially lot’s of people praised Eric for sharing his story, but slowly more people keep adding things, both business and personal that they are proud of.

Now this might not seem much to some of you, but recently I was struggling to see the wood for the trees as to what to do next. I knew I needed to write a blog, do more social media, complete some terms and conditions and follow up on some calls I made on behalf of customers, but I kept getting waylaid.

As my friend and colleagues Dee Atkins and Brad Burton call squirrelit I had “Ooh Look a Squirrel” syndrome.

So when I got back this morning from running 4Networking Macclesfield’s fabulous meeting in our amazing new venue “Amuse Cafe” I decided to do something about my squirrel syndrome.


I found this post from Sailesh Raithatha really helpful on stopping procrastination or “Squirrel syndrome” last time so I reread it. Thanks Sail (@AsinBoat on twitter)

Within an hour of finishing reading it, I had cleared both my work emails from 176 between them down to 0. Yes a big fat ZERO in the inbox and only 10 in my to Action folder.

All inboxes cleared

No emails in my 2 work in boxes

All I need to do was work sensibly so I could get to see the wood for the trees.

This made me really happy and so I wondered what was your personal pride for today/this week?

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