Please treat yourself to a cake and pat yourself on your back.

Celebrating 2016 and Thanking you! I really do mean thank you. Without you, 2016 would not have been such positive year for me.Here’s my top 3 “Thank you for” specifically for you:

  1. I’ve grown personally thanks to your input and time.
  2. I’ve learnt more about social interaction and getting readers thanks to your feedback.
  3. I’ve got exciting ideas for moving the business forward in 2017 thanks to your comments and requests.

Now I know I said go out and treat yourself to cake, however, I don’t eat cake so I’ve included a picture of my home made breakfast bars for you to enjoy instead.

Celebrating 2016 with Home made Breakfast Bars

Celebrating 2016 with Home made Breakfast Bars

Over Christmas at my in-laws, these went down so well I’ve had to share the recipe with 3 other people. Do let me know if you want it too?

I had a lovely time over the festive period, not turning my laptop on for about a week, however, that doesn’t mean I wasn’t producing content and the biggest landmark was publishing my 100th YouTube Video.

You don’t get to 100 without producing the other 99 and I’m aware due to the break I’ve not told you about the latest ones so here you are so you know the most recent content:

94 – Who is the contract lady? An introduction to me, my passion and why I help people just like you.
95 – How much money can you save on a £1000 contract? Feedback from a coach I recently worked with on the unexpected benefits she got from being paid £1000 up front.
96 – New Year a new way of saving money by asking for it!  How can making 1 phone call to your supplier save you money?
97 – Planing on getting paid to speak? Whether it is you or someone you know who would like to enter the coveted paid speaker market, this video is for you (or them).
98 – New Year, New product or service launch? 3 things you need to include. We all love launching new products or services we’re excited and passionate about them, but do make sure you have your paperwork in place first!
99 – A contract is all about payment, right? Wrong! Let me explain what else having the right contract can mean for you, your business and your personal life.
100 – Did you get a mention in my 100th video? As well as looking at the journey to get me here I also give a shout to people who have helped me along the way. Did that include you?

Even if you didn’t get a personal mention in my 100th video (I didn’t want to still be recording it in December 2017!) I really do thank you for your support during 2016 and I look forward to seeing how our relationship develops in 2017.

Best wishes for a fabulous start to 2017 to you, your business and your family.

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