My view of the Queen’s Speech 2017 and what will it mean for small businesses?

What does the Queen’s speech mean? What does leaving Brexit mean? What were the bills talked about and what’s their impact?

Personally, I’m comppleetely confused and baffled, everywhere you look someone is interpreting it differently and nowhere could I find a good summary, so here’s what I thought….

What do we really know about delivering Brexit? What about the Bills and draft Bills that were announced in the Queen’s Speech? How will they affect small businesses and what can we expect?

Until now, I’ve not really followed the ins and outs of politics but as a business owner, I really need to understand how any changes will affect me and my customers.

If you’re running small business it may be worth a closer look at the National Insurance Contributions Bill, the Digital Charter or Financial Guidance and Claims Bill.

If you have employees, keep an eye on National Living Wage and Workers’ Rights and Tackling the Gender Pay Gap and Discrimination.

That’s why I’ve pulled together a summary of what was announced along with a list of the Bills and Draft Bills.

As an introduction to the Queen’s Speech, the Prime Minister, Theresa May said:

“This will therefore be a busy legislative session with a number of Bills geared towards making a success of Brexit. It will include a Repeal Bill that will provide as much legal certainty as possible for businesses and individuals as we leave the European Union. There will be an Immigration Bill that gives us control of the number of people coming here from Europe while allowing us to continue attracting the brightest and the best. A new Trade Bill and a new Customs Bill will enable the United Kingdom to conduct its own independent trade policy, helping British businesses trade with thriving markets around the world. A Fisheries Bill will allow us to control access to our territorial waters. Our Agriculture Bill will provide stability to farmers as we leave. A Nuclear Safeguards Bill will protect our world-leading nuclear industry during Brexit, while our International Sanctions Bill will allow the United Kingdom to continue to comply with our international obligations.”

The Queen then opened her speech with:

My government’s priority is to secure the best possible deal as the country leaves the European Union. My ministers are committed to working with Parliament, the devolved administrations, business and others to build the widest possible consensus on the country’s future outside the European Union.”

Queen’s Speech 2017

Here’s a list of the bills but you can find the full notes here in the Queen’s Speech Background Notes published by UK Gov. Within this document you can read about the purpose of each Bill, the main elements, benefits, territorial extent and application and key facts.

List of Bills

Source: Queen’s Speech Background Notes


  • Repeal Bill
  • Customs Bill
  • Trade Bill
  • Immigration Bill
  • Fisheries Bill
  • Agriculture Bill
  • Nuclear Safeguards Bill
  • International Sanctions Bill


  • Automated and Electric Vehicles Bill
  • Space Industry Bill
  • High Speed Rail (West Midlands – Crewe) Bill
  • Smart Meter Bill
  • National Insurance Contributions Bill


  • Travel Protection Bill
  • Draft Tenants’ Fees Bill
  • Draft Domestic Violence and Abuse Bill
  • Civil Liability Bill
  • Courts Bill
  • Financial Guidance & Claims Bill
  • Goods Mortgages Bill  


  • Armed Forces (Flexible Working) Bill
  • Data Protection Bill
  • Draft Patient Safety Bill  


  • EU (Approvals) Bill


  • BREXIT: Engagement with Parliament, The Devolved Administrations and Business
  • Counter Terrorism Review
  • Commission for Countering Extremism
  • Public Inquiry into The Grenfell Tower Fire
  • Independent Public Advocate
  • Mental Health Reform
  • Social Care
  • Digital Charter
  • Public Finances
  • Schools and Technical Education
  • Northern Ireland
  • National Living Wage and Workers’ Rights
  • Tackling the Gender Pay Gap and Discrimination
  • Critical National Infrastructure
  • Housing
  • Foreign Affairs
  • Armed Forces
  • Consumer Markets, Including the Energy Market

There’s so much here – I’ll confess I’ve not read all of them, but hopefully this gives you a little guide to where to start and some places to go to find further details on the ones that relate to you.

  1. Do you have a better understanding than me about this?
  2. Can you help me and my readers understand the imapct on small businesses?
  3. Do you have link that explains this in clear English?

If Yes, please do bob it in the comments and let’s help each other understand!

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