How to find the right motivation to achieve your business goals

We all need various levels of motivation to achieve our goals and some people need more of a kick to achieve things than others. Without the motivation to succeed, we can easily drift from day to day, from task to task, from appointment to appointment, without a plan or a goal.

With no destination to aim for, there is no reason to do anything, no ambition to fulfil, no purpose to starting or finishing an endeavour. This is where having the right motivation is guaranteed to deliver results. Everyone has tasks to complete and some of those tasks will require more motivation than others. In fact, what seems an easy task for you, could be someone else’s mountain to climb.

Belinda Carp  recently did this testimonial video about how she gained guidance and confidence by working with me:

There are two key ways to find the right motivation and take control of your business goals:

Internal Motivation

We are all capable of motivating ourselves to some extent. Whether it’s to achieve an ambition of learning a new language, to file a tax return on time, or to become a better golfer, we can set a tangible target and put into place small steps to achieve it.

Self-talk is a great method of self-motivation. If you find yourself thinking, “I’m no good at sales”, or “I’ll never be as good as him”, or “she’s better at talking on the telephone than me”, then stop! Every time you run yourself down, you believe what you are saying and can be caught in a negative cycle. A simple change to say something positive to yourself will give you that confidence to believe you can do what it takes to achieve your goal.

Top tips for Internal Motivation:

  • Think of a goal you want to achieve and break it down in small steps.
  • Write down the steps and put a timeframe next to each step (minutes, hours, days, months).
  • Check your list of goals, do you have short term and long-term goals written down?
  • Reward yourself when you achieve either a step or the whole goal.
  • Believe in yourself. Even on bad days.

Internal Motivation is a personality trait you can learn and use every day. When rewarding yourself, it could be as simple as a cup of tea after making ten phone calls, or it could be booking a Caribbean Cruise if you hit your annual sales target.

External Motivation

The second type of motivation comes from external sources. This could be your business partner or significant other. Motivation could come from a member of your family, or someone from your local networking group. It’s not uncommon to have a life coach or a business coach and this works in the same way as having a swimming instructor or a piano teacher, where you receive advice and instructions from someone knowledgeable in their field.

A Piano Tutor is the same as accountability partner

A Piano Tutor is the same as accountability partner

Other external motivation can come from having an accountability buddy with whom you share your goals, targets, ambitions, hopes and dreams. They work with you, helping to keep track of the steps you need to achieve what you want. There are many uplifting podcasts you can listen to, or you might find a favourite song inspires you to get on with things. Reading inspirational quotes on Instagram and joining likeminded people in LinkedIn or Facebook groups can be an excellent external source of motivational material.

Top tips for External Motivation:

  • Identify your favourite source of motivation, the one that helps you get most done.
  • Choose an accountability buddy or business coach to help you stay on track.
  • Join social media groups with likeminded people in your industry.
  • Listen to advice but make your own decisions.
  • If you are caught up with negative people, don’t be afraid to leave them behind.

External Motivation is all around us. Stopping for a moment to check-in with someone or something, can give you time to reflect and check you’re on track for achieving your personal and business goals.

The Next Step…

If motivation is what you need, then please get in touch. I can help you find the time, the resources and the motivation to free up your time and succeed in reaching your goals. Sometimes solving one problem actually solves several other problems.

Are you rushing your work before collecting children from school? Did it feel like you had more free time when you were employed? Perhaps you just want more “downtime” or “me time” and it never seems to happen.

I specialise in helping business owners and employees to set long, medium and short-term targets and I work with you to keep you enthusiastic and motivated to achieve everything on your list.

If getting motivated is something you’ve been putting off, or procrastinating over, then please contact me on 07756 772950 or by emailing and I will help you to achieve the things which are important to you.

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